Hello, all!  ‘Tis a gorgeous summer day, here in Florida!  There is a sweet little breeze tickling the leaves on the trees.  It’s a good day!  I am so proud, right now!  I have to tell someone!  My oldest daughter was just promoted to Rescue Lieutenant!  She started out as a volunteer firefighter, kept moving up into positions that interested her and wound up a paramedic.  She applied for and got the promotion to lieutenant, which means, as she says, that she gets to sit on the other side of the truck.  LOL  She does the driving, now, so, I guess, she doesn’t have to anymore.  LOL  I am so proud!
Then, earlier, I had to waken my mother lioness instincts.  My youngest daughter is selling her mobile home, yet, the buyer has been less than regular with payment.  My daughter needs her money!  She’s costing me!  She tries so hard to always do the right thing.  It makes me mad when she is so nice to people and they take advantage of her.  So, I called the guy and told him she was listing it on Craig’s List this afternoon and would be sending him the necessary notification by mail.  Heh-heh!  She’ll have a substantial payment tonight or tomorrow.  Believe me, the circumstances were right for him to have to get off it and pay her.  He showed me photos of all the stuff he’s done with the place.  He has it looking nice.  I hated to put the screws to him like that, but, damn-it!  You have to pay to stay!  He’s lived there a year!
It’s been a rewarding day.

SU CheshireCat

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