A Blog Train, A Daily Download, A New Forum and a Bunch of Freebies

As much as I would love to write and write about all things that are yummy to the senses, I must apply my abbreviator and try to keep this short.  HA!  The ol’ back pain demons are rearing their ugly, uh, arses.  LOL  There is a hurricane somewhere south of here.  Every time there is one, the barometric pressure fluctuations cause those folks with pain to have it really bad!  It sucks!  It doesn’t help, either, that there is some stress at home.  Getting things on an even keel with my daughter and her two children being here is slow.
Things are starting to fall into place, though.  We have my grandson in school.  He spent the summer home with me, rather than at day care, for the first time.  He’s my buddy!  I sure love that little guy.  His sister is another story.  LOL  She’s a peach, but, oh, so, mischievous!  And, fast.  She will be quiet, you’ll run to see what she is up to and you’ll find she had eaten all of the margarine off the dish.  While wiping up the spillage, you turn just in time to see her unrolling the bathroom tissue all over the room.  She is a handful!  LOL  She actually got suspended for one day from day care!  I’m not kidding!  She was ‘spitting’!  Doing raspberries, she says.  Either way, nobody wants spit on them!  Her mommy had to take the day off to stay home with her.  That doesn’t fall under my job description.  LOL
So, I have been telling you about the Maigickal Scraps move.  We are officially opening the new forum on the first, Wednesday.  Each of the ladies has made a really fun contribution to the “Grand Opening”.  Each lady will post hers on her own blog and we will all post the links for each other.  I think there are 5 total.  I’ve seen the things they’ve made and all I can say is, at least, come take a look.
For a look at what is coming,
Click on the banner to go to the new forum.  That is where the Daily Downloads will be starting on September 1, 2010.  The new slideshow, “September Song,” will be up, then, too, at the top of this page for your previewing.
And, on the same day, gosh, that’s tomorrow, come back here for my part of the goodie for celebrating the big move!
I have been uber-busy this past week finishing up some projects I was working on.  One, the Gothic Inspirations Blog Train for September, “Gothic Journey” is going to be fun.  

Click on the logo to go to the GI Blog Train Blog.

Jessica already has the previews up and mine is there, right along-side some of the uber-talented folks whose designs I have admired for so long.  I actually saw people I had no idea were involved, like SharonB.  OMG!  Her website, Scrappy Chic Boutique, is awesome!   She is an artist, through and through.  What struck me about her works is the elegance.  Her things are ‘elegant’, lady-like, yet, you get a sense that she has struggled to find a niche for women and did so with fervor.  I have the utmost respect for Sharon.  I have to mention her dolls, too.  They look like her.  You’ve got to see her dolls.  She does them with fancy backgrounds and, well, have a look-see:

Isn’t she pretty?  Sharon does custom work, too, if you want to have one tailor-made to fit your needs.   Click on the doll image to go to Sharon’s website and see what I’m talking about.  Catering to the professional photography field with her layouts and templates, if you will, for awesome finished photographs, I think she must have found digi-scrapping natural for her.  It shows in all of her work.

There’s more!  I want to tell you about another site I found.  Photo Rack is a stock photo site.  Now, before you click and run, LOL,  let me tell you about this place.  The selection of photos is very nice!  It’s easy to navigate.  And, they have a bunch of textures, which I know you will love and be able to use.  These are exceptional textures!  I don’t know who took the photos, but, they are all very good resolution and size.  Their ‘water-color’ textures are something to see.  With a blending mode, or two, these will make your own art look like it is done in water-colors.

I know as well as each of you that there are thousands of so-called ‘free-photo’ websites out there.  The rates are so totally out of my budget, though.  Still, you pay for quality.  There are some exceptions where one can get by with the free downloads that many sites offer.  Many are quite good.  PhotoRack is one of those.  Ever on the search for an easy-to-use source, with high-resolute and large images, I feel PhotoRack filled the bill.  Go have a look.  It is so easy to get around, you should be downloading soon!  LOL  

Alrighty, then.  I have so much coming out tomorrow, I must confess I don’t have anything ready for today to download.  I do have a couple of ‘backgrounds’ I have done.  They are a slight hint as to what I’ve been up to.  There is an ‘outdoor’ page and an ‘indoor’ page, if you will.  I hope someone can use them.  One reason for making these, as they are quite the popular style, is that I don’t have to worry about credit or linking to an artist.  I’m it.  LOL  These are so free to use.  You can do what you wish with them.

Click on the image to go to Box to download:

So, I’ll see you tomorrow!  I must go make my last preparations for the big day.  That’s a blogtrain, a new forum goodie, the new daily download and more merriment!  So,


(Unless you can give me one good reason not to!  LOL)



SU CheshireCat

5 thoughts on “A Blog Train, A Daily Download, A New Forum and a Bunch of Freebies

  1. Woo Hoo!! So good to see you back here again. Gosh, I hope the hurricane doesn't give you too much grief. I'm sorry to hear you haven't been feeling so good. Thanks for reminding me. I almost forgot about the Grand Opening freebie. Gotta run, you have a good night. Hugs, Edna B.


  2. Hi Su. Good to see you've made it back again LOL! I love the way you write about things! Isn't it exciting that we are going for real on the new forum?And about our goodies, just post the preview of your collab and post the freebie with link on the forum?Oh, Snowy has really been busy there! We should honour that with some amazing contributions to the challenges LOL!Have to rum now to make my blogpost.Sorry to hear you have so much pain at the moment. Better the hurricane moves on, and that it let restore the air pressure to a bearable point for you. And be aware, don;t let the stress take you over. Although hard to do, I know, but don't let it mess you up to much girl! Have a great day and see you on the forumHugsKyra


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