Freebie & MS DD Day 5

 I hope that your weekend is going well.  Mine is full of some intense thought.  I have been evaluating, if you will, where I’m at with my art.  I’ve learned a lot of the basic stuff with Photoshop.  I know my way around and understand the terms used, as well as the names of the tools and, for the most part, their uses.  I remembering reading somewhere early on in my learning, that you could learn something new in PS every day until you die and not know it all.  I’m not in any hurry!
After learning the basics, I have begun adding details more.  I used to make one of each color papers, bows, tags, etc, with most of the results looking mass-produced.  As time went on, I stopped doing one-of-every-color, but, still repeated some of my elements and papers with just a few color differences.  Now, usually, I don’t think about how many colors of anything there is, they are all different to me in another way.
I wrote about this somewhere before, briefly.  One of the things that bothers me the most about digi-scrappin’ is that there really isn’t much appreciation for artistic ability.  I’m not saying scrappers aren’t artistic or appreciative of design.  Every single one of them is a talented artist.  Rather, the whole concept of scrapbooking is to save and relish one’s photos and momentos.  Folks looking through a photo album are looking to see who is in the photos, not the fancy design on the background.  I certainly don’t want to distract someone from the beautiful photos with some embellishment that is too off-the-chain!  Know what I mean?
I guess that is why Digital Whisper has been so fulfilling for me.  I have all the artistic freedom I need!  Ning doesn’t allow nudity, anymore, but, that isn’t my thing, anyway.  LOL  What I love is the company I am in.  The folks over there are not just super talented, they are very supportive.  They have encouraged me to experiment outside the box.  I love that.  Whether I end up doing something with my art, or not, the experiences have been the reward.  There is something about the environment that brings peace to me.  The whole place is bringing out some awesome inspiration!  Where all of this will lead, who knows.  I often think I might eventually sell stuff.  Putting a price on something I make or can do ruins it for me.  It just changes the significance of the piece or the work. 
It has been a good day.  The family left to go watch the Gators beat up Miami, Ohio, and, I stayed home where it was sooo peaceful!  I took a nap, then, I worked on another challenge from Digital Whisper.  This one was from the Color Palette Group.  The challenge, Color Challenge #4 – Advertising, was fun!  We found a product in our home, then we created a color palette from the label.   I found ‘Sonoma-Williams Balsamic Vinegar’.  The blue is actually the color of the bottle.  LOL  In the image, though, I thought it went well with the other colors.
From the palette we were to make a layout.  
As usual, I got carried away and wound up making a mini-kit from the layout.  All of the elements are made with my new actions from  LOL  The lady’s actions are the best!  And, they are very reasonable, as well.  She is consistent with her quality, which never leaves ya guessing.  I like that!  If you’ve never checked out her actions, visit her store, Digital Art, and see what I mean.  Click on the image to go to 4Shared to download.

It isn’t necessary for me to make these little extras that I make with the challenges.  I have Photoshop open, the files are handy and I’m usually ‘on a roll’.  I get alot out of doing them.  I get experience and practice on a program that is awesome!  And, I get to experiment while I’m making things.  I get artistic for my ‘art piece’ or ‘challenge image’, then, use those effects on the goodies I make.  I don’t sell this stuff; it is for experience and enjoyment.  I hope someone can find a good use for it.  Help yourselves.
Last, but, certainly, not the least, I think things are smoothed out at Magickal Scraps forum.  There was a problem with the file from Day 5, it seems, so, we re-uploaded it.  It works fine now.  There shouldn’t be any more problems with the downloads, that I know of.  LOL  In the event you haven’t downloaded Day 5, yet,  click on it’s preview below to go to MediaFire to download:

‘Til next time,
Smile, ya’ll!

SU CheshireCat

3 thoughts on “Freebie & MS DD Day 5

  1. Su, Your little kit is great!! Your work in Photoshp is excellent. I checked out Whisper, but need an invite to get in. So I'm off to check out for a bit till it's time to leave for work. Have a great night. Hugs, Edna B.


  2. Susan, you never cease to amaze me! I am so proud of you!I am SO happy with my life right now – things keep falling into place. I have booked studio time next week to record my new Bradley Manning song at Skylab. My sound engineer used to work with Frank Zappa! I'm so excited – I've never recorded in a professional studio before. This will be my first major composition – I'm playing several instruments and have worked out all the parts in my head – now to see if I can translate my thoughts into actual music…Meanwhile, Doug showed me how to solve my posting problem and I have made two additional posts. Go to oinky pig and check them out sometime. I also figured out how to list your blog and to follow it – all by myself. Doug is really impressed with what you have done, by the way. Thank you so much for everything!


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