Freebie Pt. 3 Miss Edie Collab (A Day Early) and a Link

Surprise!  LOL  I’m back sooner than I anticipated.  Don’t get me wrong.  I always have something to say.  Sometimes, when something happened that is noteworthy, I envision in my mind how my blog post on it will read.  LOL  Am I the only one?  Nah!
In preparation for another collaboration with Miss Edna, I spent last evening and today searching for things to use or ideas to borrow.  Needless to say, I came across more places I would like to share with you. I’m already starting another list of links for you.  If I don’t lose it again.  LOL
I totally forgot about this one, Graphix1, the other day.  What’s nice about this site is that she features showcases of online artist’s works.  These are great for a little inspiration!  The, she also makes goodies to give away!  LOL  There are fonts, textures, some gradients even.  On the top menu bar, click on “Downloads” and you’ll see the choices of freebies.  Or, peruse the entire site and see all the wonderful designs and ideas.
I’m not going to ramble like I normally do.  Tomorrow is the big day for the Gothic Inspirations Blog Train for November.  Both, Edna and I, have made things for it.  Rather than wait until tomorrow to post the third, and final, part to “Miss Edie”, we’re releasing it a day early.  Next week, Miss Edna and I will have another special kit for you to download.  So, stay tuned!  LOL  
Here, then, is Part 3 of this pretty kit.  I sure hope you’ve enjoyed it. 
(Click on image to go to MediaFire for download.)
Now, head on over to Miss Edna’s Place to get her third part to this kit, honoring her SIL, Miss Edie.
(Click on image)
or, go to 
That’s gonna do it today, ya’ll.  The G-kids are getting ready to go Trick-or-Treating.  Jaela is a leopard woman and Nicky is a Ninja.  Woooooo!  Scarey!  LOL  This means CANDY!!!!
Hugs to you all!
(Wanna smile?  Go to Google Maps, get directions from Japan to China, do #43.)
See ya!

SU CheshireCat


Freebie & Links

Growing up before the technology we know today was so readily available, I was big into my penmanship.  My handwriting was very important to me and I worked at it.  In fourth grade, my best friend and I adopted such similar styles of penmanship, our teacher couldn’t tell our writing apart.  I altered my script through the years, but, always wound up with the same basic scrawl.  It’s no wonder, then, when I see something of importance to me online, I grab pen and scratch paper and jot away.  There are “note” programs, including “sticky notes”, available all over the internet and I’ve probably tried a third of them.  Still, I find myself grabbing for my trusty Number 2.  
For the past few weeks, I have been jotting down the names of the links I’ve found and want to share with you all.  So, now, I sit down to post and what do you think has happened?  LOL  I can’t find all of my scraps with notes jotted on them.  Where is that “sticky notes” program when I need it!?  I can remember most of them, though, because I was impressed with them.  So, without further adieu, here we go! 
First off, I found a cute little blog that gives away clip art.  Every post offers either a small set of images or a collection of like objects.  Les Cliparts de Clo is this blog.  What I liked about it is the terms.  She has both ‘Personal Use’ items and ‘Commercial Use’, too.  The site is in French, but, a quick translation to English shows that they are very liberal.  Actually, her terms are in both, French and English.  She states that they are okay to use in scrapbooking designs, even those to be sold, as long as the stuff you create is sold as PU.  How very reasonable.  She has some really nice clip art, too.  Here is today’s post image, just as an example:
Just click on the above image to go to that post.  If you like and want to receive updates when there is a new post, subscribe to her feed and updates will come to you.  It’s really simple.  And, as always, do remember to leave a note or comment.
If you all think I place too much emphasis on terms, you’re right.  I follow them to the letter.  Several months ago, I did a collage sheet in which I added in some arms and legs.  I didn’t know where the appendages came from, but, rather than pursuing it as I should have done, I went ahead and used them.  I was, in effect, giving away something that did not belong to me.  The artist of the limbs notified me about them.  Turns out, we knew each other already.  She was very sweet about it, but, I felt so stupid!  It was embarrassing, to say the least.  I didn’t know they were hers, but, I didn’t get them from her site.  Someone else was sharing them and I took them, then.  This doesn’t make my using them any less bad, though.  I didn’t even credit that source.  (Early on, I didn’t worry too much about making sure the file names included the artist.  I don’t remember where I found some of the image I have.)  Now, the terms are the deciding factor in whether I use anything I find online.
Next on my little list of links is a stock photo site.  Now, if you have spent any time at all on stock photos, you know they aren’t cheap, especially those with usage rights or licenses.  Though not very often, I use images, or photos, in my photo-manipulations or other personal art.  I’ve used some of the vector designs that the photo sites often carry, but, also, not very often.  Once in a while I need an image for something and finding one I could afford and that I had rights to use was always so difficult.  I usually had to rely on the website’s “free” image categories, which limits the possibilities.  Until, I found Cutcaster.  Cutcaster is a site for photographers to upload their images for sale or free use.  You can also go download photos to use.  Their set up is awesome!  Every image has it’s own page with all the info one would need – artist’s name, download button, topic, size, etc.  The resulting downloaded images are just gorgeous!  Here are just a few that I picked out to show you.
The terms are reasonable, as well.  The only worry would be if you intended to sell something made with one of their images.  You can read more on their terms for their free images here.

What next?  Oh, yeah!  I found a website, Photoshop Tutorials, that is so awesome, I consider it a cut above the rest.  Maybe, their topics are just more my style, I dunno, but, there is a lot of good things here and I found all of it to my liking.  Don’t let the title, ‘Tutorials’ mislead.  They do have those.  Theirs are for images/techniques I would actually want to do.  LOL  Some of the manipulations on this site are nice.  I would sit down and follow them and maybe even use the techniques again on some of my own stuff.  I liked this one: 

(Click on image to go to this tutorial)
Photoshop tutorials, in general, are great for learning the program.  If you have never done one, by all means, find one you like and go to it.  I’ve had plenty of “a-ha!” moments while doing a tutorial and learning something new.  Some are easy to understand, ‘holding your hand’ all the way through, while others may leave you scratching your head.  It helps, too, if there is still someone around to answer any questions.  I’ve met some darned nice people by asking questions or commenting on posts or articles I come across.

Getting back to this website, though, there is not a whole lot of content, but, all that is there is usable stuff.  There are some textures, but, not one-of-every-color-under-the-sun, so much.  There are several packs and assorted others.  The brush list is only three pages, but, I can use 99% of them and they are good quality.  There is just a lot more at this site that I, personally, can use and like.  For that reason, I like it a lot.  Give a visit.  You’ll enjoy it.

Next, I want to tell you about Creativity103 website.  This one is definitely worth signing up to get.  If I recall, it took about a day to get the link to activate, but, it was worth the wait.  There are the best collections of images I’ve seen in one place.  They present some very nice collections as a ‘pack’ which can be downloaded as a zip.  Or, you can download just the images you like from their gallery.  There’s more in the gallery than in the packs, so, there are quite a few images.  The layout of the site makes it easy to navigate around.  The quality of the images is just great!  Here is an example of one of the ‘packs’ they offer:

They also have the ‘organic’ textures and patterns and all that.  But, the packs offer something a bit different.  Sign up is easy and it’s free.  Once you get the password, go have fun.  Their archives have some great images!  They send you an e-mail when they post new images, too, so, you never miss out.  It is about twice a month.

I’m going to wrap it all up with this Flick’r group, “Textures 4 Layers”.  I wouldn’t normally share a group with you all.  They require a membership that involves contributing and participation.  I try to stick with the sites that you can stop in, bookmark, if desired, and peruse, hopefully, coming away with some awesome goodies that are free and legal to use with little or no attribution.  LOL  Those are my guidelines for staying on with a website.  But, this group does do some really nice textures.  I joined the group to enjoy the challenges.  There are some really good artists there!  The collection of textures, though, is extremely nice and can be used commercially or personally, with varying terms of attribution, depending on the artist.  Most just want you to credit their name.  Rather than try to show you a sampling of their textures, I want to share with you the image I did for one of the recent challenges there.

The clock image was the ‘starting’ image, then, we were to add any of the textures from the group pool to come up with our interpretation of the clocks.  There is a format to use to give credit to the artist(s) whose textures you’ve used, but, I found that part good.  It helped show me an easy way to keep up with the images I use.  I actually learned quite a bit on copyright and attribution from this group.  You really ought to go check out what they offer.  They have some really good textures for you.

Whew!  LOL  That’s going to be it for a little while.  I have more and I am always on the lookout for more and interesting links to share.  I want to remind everyone that the ‘second part’ of my collaborative kit with Miss Edna, “Miss Edie”, was posted Monday.  That leaves one part left to go, next Monday.  When you are done, you’ll have a beautiful kit.  The inspiration for the kit was Miss Edna’s friend and SIL, Edie.  Such an sweet thing to celebrate a friendship with a kit!  So, it was made with friendship in mind.  There is all kinds of pretty things in it.  Here are our previews.  (Images are linked to the posts that have the downloads):


Miss Edna’s Place

The link for this second part is at the very end of Edna’s post.  She has just recently lost her brother.  In fact, today is his funeral.  She just wasn’t with it that day.  Excuse her if you will, but, she got the link posted.  Bless her heart.

I’m leaving you with a little set of textures that I did for the Flickr group.  I added an overlay of grungey edges, too.  You get them first here!  LOL

(Click on the image to go to MediaFire for download)

Well, are you still with me?  LOL  That was rather lengthy, but, I’ve been wanting to get to this list for a long time.  Things don’t always go as planned, though, do they?  I’m going to close with a couple of photos of the contributing “plan-breakers”, the g-kids.  LOL 

 Always up-side down!

Notice nothing else is blurry except Kaleb.  LOL  He is a perpetual motion machine these days!

Kaleb was cuddling with the big stuffed doggy.

I will see you next time – Monday, for sure.  Edna and I have already completed another present for you all.  You’ll know about it soon.  I almost forgot, too, on November 1, the new Gothic Inspirations Blog Train leaves the station.  November’s theme is “Horror Whorez”.  LOL  I have a contribution for it.  Actually, so does Edna!  So, be sure to come by to collect my part and then, go visit all the other designers, too.

Smile, ya’ll!



SU CheshireCat

Freebie Collab With Miss Edna Part 2

I posted this entry last night.  For whatever reason, Blogger didn’t acknowledge my set time for posting.  It should have come up this morning at 9:00.  It’s a good thing I check these things.  Grrr!  LOL
This post is going to be brief.  My dear friend, Edna, lost her brother on Saturday.  It is so sad.  I wish that I could be there to just hug her and comfort her.  That’s the worst part of online friendships.  I never conversed with Artie, or Moo, as he was affectionately called.  But, Edna made me feel as if he was one of the gang.  She spoke of him all the time.  If you would like, visit Miss Edna’s blog and read what she has written.  That is the best tribute I know.  Leave a few words, if you will.
My thoughts just aren’t in blogging this evening.  I hope you understand.
Today will be the second part of my collaboration with Miss Edna on “Miss Edie”.  This little kit is the result of Edna’s own tribute to her friend, and SIL, Edie.  She inspired Edna to do this and she shared the palette with me.  I was there!  It turned out really beautiful!
I am putting together some resource links, like I have been promising, and will post them even if it kills me!  LOL  I’ll be back with those.  I want to get this out to you all so you can be enjoying what we have made for ya’ll!
(Click on title, or, on the link below the preview to go to MediaFire for downloading)
 When you are done, go to Miss Edna’s Place and get you some more!  Here’s what dear Edna has waiting for you:
Until later, hug a family member or friend today.  Let people know you love them.  And, then,
You just made someone’s day!

SU CheshireCat

Freebie Collab With Miss Edna & Photos

Gosh!  Halloween is only a few weeks away!  Everyone is so in to the spirit of the big day, even if we do nothing but stay home.  People seem to really go all out for Halloween.  A look around the web, or your own town, is all it takes and you know it is that time.  My goodness!  I have been doing a lot of designing and art and in all of my art pieces I have put in some element of Halloween, a ghost, a skeleton, so forth.  Hanging by our front door we have a ‘skeleton bones wind chime’.  It’s sound activated which causes him to ‘rattle”. 
When my daughter put it up, my granddaughter would stand on the porch and yell at it to make it “rattle”.  It gets down!  LOL  But, then, we noticed something.  There is a crew working on repaving a street near our house and they have their vehicles and equipment parked across the street from our house.
  They work 24/7, I think!  I know they work at night – there’s less traffic.  But, every time they start up a truck or steam-roller or whatever, Mr. Bones goes bonkers!  He rattles all the time!  LOL  Even though there are all those trucks and things, they are pretty quiet.  And, they filled in a really big hole at the end of my driveway for us!  It had gotten so big, we stopped using the drive.  I looked out front one morning when I heard them out there and there was a steam-roller in my driveway!  Great fun!  LOL

I want to share a couple of things with you all.  The first is the most recent challenge entry for Digital Whisper that I did.  A dear lady, and an incredible artist, herself, by the name of Barbara Moustafa, hosted this one and she asked that we have a look at the art of Maggie Taylor.  Wow!  If you haven’t seen or heard of Maggie’s art, go see her website.  You’ll be hooked, like I was.  It turns out, too, that Maggie lives here in my home town!  Small world, eh?  LOL

Maggie Taylor’s Website

There is also a really interesting .PDF article on Maggie, here:

Maggie on Adobe

Here is my piece that I did for the challenge:
(Click on the image to enlarge for a closer view.)

Then, there is this one, from another challenge at DW, the ‘Digital Challenge’.  The image of the stairs was our starting image.  All credits are below post.

(Click on image to enlarge for closer view)

See what I mean about the ghost?  LOL

A few weeks back, I said I was going to post a pic of my grandson, Kaleb.  He’s almost walking!  Any minute now!  LOL  He’s that close!  Here he is at Jaela-Boo’s(granddaughter) birthday party:  Can you tell he was having a moment?  LOL

This image is deceiving;  he usually has a great big smile on his face!  LOL

My last post I made was with a new freebie collaboration with Miss Edna from Miss Edna’s Place.  We’re up to it again!  This time we made kits designed with a friend of Edna’s, named Miss Edie, in mind.  They turned out very nice!  Both of our parts are just full of all kinds of “friendship” elements and papers, frames and what-not.  We’re going to be giving it away, as a freebie, for the next three weeks.  The parts will be posted every Monday.  When you collect this part, go to Miss Edna’s Place and pick up her first part.  We were up late chatting, but, I see she has posted hers, already.  Bless her heart, she has had a full cup lately.  I’ll let you read about it from her blog, though.  I’m kind of late myself!  LOL

So, here, then, is the first part of mine.  :
(Click on the image to go to MediaFire for download)
And, here is a preview of Miss Edna’s part:
(Click on the image to go to Miss Edna’s Place) 
I HATE Blogger!  It never does the same thing twice!!  I posted my preview, above, and linked it to MediaFire.  When I posted Edna’s preview, I couldn’t link it!  I think I got it, finally, by going to the HTML, but, I’ll have to check it.  I’m going over to Blogger when I get this up and have a few words with them!  I’ve got better things to do than screw with this crap!!


Alrighty, then!

I’m going to stop here so I can get this posted, but, I will finish with some links and add them in another post.  Check back tomorrow if you want to read about some of the great spots on the web that I have found.

Until then, do have a nice afternoon, everyone.

As usual, keep on




Art Pieces Resources:

Maggie Taylor piece

Background – anaRasha

Figures – Far Far Hill

Staircase piece –

Staircase – Jascha Hoste of Netherlands.

Roses – Bloodware by Jaguarwoman

Blood Drips – Glossy Blood Splatter by D. Tang

Spirit Image – “Ghastly Ghost” by Creative Intentionz

Handgun –

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