Freebie Collaboration and Some Blogging Reflections


I was just sitting here, thinking of an opening, watching my siggy, the Cheshire Cat, animate, deep in thought, when I started thinking.  Blogs are like our parlors.  We put our best face forward on our blogs.  We adorn our blogs with the finest designer templates and backgrounds.  We put out our good friends’ and acquaintances’ blinkies as we do photos of them in our parlors.  Some folks like to share their taste in music with a music player.  It’s nothing but the best for our parlors.  It is the place that identifies who we are to others.  Our choices in decor reflect a kind of self-defining element that we wear proudly.  In almost every online communication I’ve been party to, blog talk is like the second language.  People share their blog url’s like phone numbers.  Others identify with us because of the images, particularly, our avatar picture, and designs on our blogs and, of course, what we write.  And, blog names go a long way in assuring that the gentle reader know some interesting little tid-bit about you.  The name of my blog is “Freespirit”.  If that isn’t an identifier, I don’t know what is!  LOL  It’s self-promotion at it’s best.  And, there’s nothing wrong with that!

Because of the nature of the internet, if we don’t extend ourselves ‘out there’ to others, no one is going to come looking for us.  That explains why Facebook and other social sites are so popular.  People also like to feel that they are a part of something, that they belong.  It isn’t like a bar, for instance, where you can sit and observe and be observed.  You have to put your self out there.  You have to communicate and a good part of that is the visual identity we share via our blogs.   You have to have a decent blog.
You can kind of get a sense of who a person is by their blog.  Kind of like we do when we observe someone out in public.  We form conclusions by their appearance, or how they act.  Do you ever, when looking at a blog for the first time, try to imagine what that person is really like?  More often than not, I have been pleasantly surprised.  The people are cooler than their blogs!  LOL  As a rule, people turn out to be so nice!  I’ve had the pleasure of meeting some of the nicest people!  It’s too easy, these days, to have confrontations and negativity, especially in ‘real’ life.  Online, a total stranger can leave a comment on your blog that can make your day.  It can work the other way, but, as long as we practice friendliness, and we do that a lot with our blogs, we should not have to worry ourselves.  Not unless we get our butts in the wringer, that is.  Then, it’s all bets off!  LOL
And, that is where my thoughts took me.  LOL  I firmly believe that what we put forth, we get back, in return, three-fold!  I’m not Wiccan, but, I’ve seen it to hold true.  I’m am so blessed!  I’m not perfect and I make mistakes.  At night, though, at the end of the day, I lay my head down and feel good that I did the best that I could for that day.  That was one of the main things my father taught me.  My father was a good man.  I miss him.
So!  October!  Egads!  Hallowe’en, Thanksgiving and, gulp, Christmas!  Then, a whole New Year!  Time sure flies when you’re having fun!  LOL  Speaking of Hallowe’en, I can’t get enough of all the spooky and cool images that I’ve been seeing around the net.  I think everyone has a special connection, or fondness, for this special day.  To the ancients, our ancestors, it was a time of preparing for the winter to come.  After a good harvest, having one’s cellar or pantry well- stocked was not only an accomplishment, it was a necessity.  You may not survive the winter if you haven’t stored enough goods to last until spring.  Or, prayed to the gods and goddesses for a bountiful harvest.  Can you imagine?  You can bet your sweet bippy that I’d be dancing around a fire, somewhere, paying my respects to the gods and goddesses.
And, now, in these modern times, Hallowe’en is known as a time of costumes and frolic and parties and trick-or-treat.  However, I know a lot of folks who are very much in to the spiritual meaning of this time of the year.  We don’t really ride out the winter on our bounty, anymore, but, this day seems to have some sort of mystical connotations surrounding it, doesn’t it?  Things are dark and hidden, mysterious, masqueraded, secret.   Muwahahaha! 
All this talk about Hallowe’en, brings me, at last, to the main event! Edna, of Miss Edna’s Place, and I collaborated together on our own Hallowe’en Kit for you.  We cleverly named it, are you ready?  “A Hallowe’en Kit”!  Ta-da!  LOL  We’ll let the elements and the papers, and frames, and all the other goodies, tell you their names.  LOL  We’re both grateful for all of the kind and thoughtful folks who stop by.  Giving warm thank you’s for all the comments and kind words, we offer you this gift.

Miss Edna’s Place

My part is in two files.  CLICK ON THE LINK UNDER THE IMAGES to go to their respective downloads at MediaFire.  I couldn’t link the images for NOTHING!

And, check this part out!  Edna has done an awesome job on her part.  Here’s her preview followed by the link to her blog.  Enjoy!

Now, scoot on over to Miss Edna’s and get her part of this creepy, spooky kit!  LOL
I didn’t post any links for you this time.  I’ll get some together and post them.  I’ve had the flu, so, I haven’t been ‘out and about’ as much.  I’ll be back soon.  Edna is keeping me busy!  LOL  We’re playing around with some other stuff, too.   I have a palette she sent me for a, oops, never mind!  LOL
Until the next time,
Smile, ya’ll!

SU CheshireCat

14 thoughts on “Freebie Collaboration and Some Blogging Reflections

  1. Oh wow, Su, Your kit is great!! Now I will have to get busy and try to come up with some QP's from our collaboration. Fun, fun!I hope that nasty flu bug is gone now for good. I was a bit tardy this morning getting posted because I slept so late. You get some rest, don't let the kiddies wear you out too much. lol. What would we do without them? You have a marvelous day my friend, hugs, Edna B.


  2. I love reading your blog every day, I make it part of my morning ritual with a delicious steaming mug of coffee, in the australian bushland with kookaburras heralding the morning heat that leeches from the dew.


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