Freebie Collab With Miss Edna & Photos

Gosh!  Halloween is only a few weeks away!  Everyone is so in to the spirit of the big day, even if we do nothing but stay home.  People seem to really go all out for Halloween.  A look around the web, or your own town, is all it takes and you know it is that time.  My goodness!  I have been doing a lot of designing and art and in all of my art pieces I have put in some element of Halloween, a ghost, a skeleton, so forth.  Hanging by our front door we have a ‘skeleton bones wind chime’.  It’s sound activated which causes him to ‘rattle”. 
When my daughter put it up, my granddaughter would stand on the porch and yell at it to make it “rattle”.  It gets down!  LOL  But, then, we noticed something.  There is a crew working on repaving a street near our house and they have their vehicles and equipment parked across the street from our house.
  They work 24/7, I think!  I know they work at night – there’s less traffic.  But, every time they start up a truck or steam-roller or whatever, Mr. Bones goes bonkers!  He rattles all the time!  LOL  Even though there are all those trucks and things, they are pretty quiet.  And, they filled in a really big hole at the end of my driveway for us!  It had gotten so big, we stopped using the drive.  I looked out front one morning when I heard them out there and there was a steam-roller in my driveway!  Great fun!  LOL

I want to share a couple of things with you all.  The first is the most recent challenge entry for Digital Whisper that I did.  A dear lady, and an incredible artist, herself, by the name of Barbara Moustafa, hosted this one and she asked that we have a look at the art of Maggie Taylor.  Wow!  If you haven’t seen or heard of Maggie’s art, go see her website.  You’ll be hooked, like I was.  It turns out, too, that Maggie lives here in my home town!  Small world, eh?  LOL

Maggie Taylor’s Website

There is also a really interesting .PDF article on Maggie, here:

Maggie on Adobe

Here is my piece that I did for the challenge:
(Click on the image to enlarge for a closer view.)

Then, there is this one, from another challenge at DW, the ‘Digital Challenge’.  The image of the stairs was our starting image.  All credits are below post.

(Click on image to enlarge for closer view)

See what I mean about the ghost?  LOL

A few weeks back, I said I was going to post a pic of my grandson, Kaleb.  He’s almost walking!  Any minute now!  LOL  He’s that close!  Here he is at Jaela-Boo’s(granddaughter) birthday party:  Can you tell he was having a moment?  LOL

This image is deceiving;  he usually has a great big smile on his face!  LOL

My last post I made was with a new freebie collaboration with Miss Edna from Miss Edna’s Place.  We’re up to it again!  This time we made kits designed with a friend of Edna’s, named Miss Edie, in mind.  They turned out very nice!  Both of our parts are just full of all kinds of “friendship” elements and papers, frames and what-not.  We’re going to be giving it away, as a freebie, for the next three weeks.  The parts will be posted every Monday.  When you collect this part, go to Miss Edna’s Place and pick up her first part.  We were up late chatting, but, I see she has posted hers, already.  Bless her heart, she has had a full cup lately.  I’ll let you read about it from her blog, though.  I’m kind of late myself!  LOL

So, here, then, is the first part of mine.  :
(Click on the image to go to MediaFire for download)
And, here is a preview of Miss Edna’s part:
(Click on the image to go to Miss Edna’s Place) 
I HATE Blogger!  It never does the same thing twice!!  I posted my preview, above, and linked it to MediaFire.  When I posted Edna’s preview, I couldn’t link it!  I think I got it, finally, by going to the HTML, but, I’ll have to check it.  I’m going over to Blogger when I get this up and have a few words with them!  I’ve got better things to do than screw with this crap!!


Alrighty, then!

I’m going to stop here so I can get this posted, but, I will finish with some links and add them in another post.  Check back tomorrow if you want to read about some of the great spots on the web that I have found.

Until then, do have a nice afternoon, everyone.

As usual, keep on




Art Pieces Resources:

Maggie Taylor piece

Background – anaRasha

Figures – Far Far Hill

Staircase piece –

Staircase – Jascha Hoste of Netherlands.

Roses – Bloodware by Jaguarwoman

Blood Drips – Glossy Blood Splatter by D. Tang

Spirit Image – “Ghastly Ghost” by Creative Intentionz

Handgun –

SU CheshireCat

7 thoughts on “Freebie Collab With Miss Edna & Photos

  1. Wow, Su. Your challenges are fanastic. I really like the one with thre pin up girl and the metal structure. The more I looked at it, the more I saw. Great work!!Last night was a lot of fun. Thanks, you made my long night much shorter. Have a great day, hugs, Edna B.


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