New Freebie Collab With Miss Edna, “Scarey” G-Kids & Unruly Furniture

Cheerio, everyone.  I trust your hard drives are full and your bank accounts not.  LOL  The iNSD celebrations all over the internet the past few days have been fun!  I found some ridiculously low prices on goodies I had been wanting.  I loved it.  I was also able to use several coupons.  I read the fine print in the newsletters, too.  LOL  There’s quite a few writers of them who are notorious for hiding little gems throughout their newsletters.  That’s how they make sure we read the whole thing.  Right?  It works!  On me, anyway.  LOL  Now, do you see why I am always backed up with my e-mail?
I got to tell you about Halloween!  For starters, I have some photos of the two g-kids that live with me.  Granny has to brag a little.  LOL  I have to warn you, though!  These images may be frightening!  Try not to be scared.  LOL
In order to view the next image you have to swear you never saw this Ninja!  LOL  His identity remains a mystery!
They brought home lots of goodies!  They weren’t even out that long!  We had a jack-o-lantern, too!  With some cute door decorations and the ‘bone-chimes’, our house was darned frightening!  We still had trick-or-treaters.
Next, I have to tell you about Kaleb.  I got the extreme pleasure of keeping him last Thursday while mommy took some time to shop and do stuff.  He’s not quite walking, yet.  Almost.  He has 4 older brothers and a sister.  He doesn’t need to walk!  LOL  He scoots around fabulously, though, and pulls himself up on everything.  He’s very good-natured, too.  He makes these ‘sounds’ in his first attempts at talking.  They come out as some sound I can’t spell.  LOL  It’s like an exclamation of pleasure.  And, he shakes his finger at things and ‘reams’ them out!  It is so funny.  He’s see his family scolding him and one another and he does it, only to inanimate objects.  It is common for him to give the sofa a good talking-to.  
Well, when he was here the other day, he was trying to get in to a metal cabinet that sits in our laundry room.  There’s all kinds of things in there for him to get into.  It holds casserole dishes that are seldom used and some random appliances and gadgets for the kitchen.  I just don’t use it very much.  I had to scold him to make him not get into the cabinet.  It was with me sitting right there, telling him “no”.  Well, the next thing I observe is Kaleb scolding the bad cabinet.  How dare it lure him in!  My goodness!  Bad cabinet!  LOL  I got photos!
Look at the nice cabinet!  Oooh!   What’s this?
Such a nice….  Huh?
OOPS!  Look, Granny, the cabinet just jumped open!
Bad cabinet!  You just SHUT!

Yaawwwnnnn…Boy!  Keeping the furniture in line is hard work!  Isn’t it nap time, or something?
With that big yawn, he came to me, put his arms out, climbed up in my lap and, with his bottle, went to sleep.  Just like that!  He’s so much fun to keep!  I enjoy his antics and he naps so nice!  It gives me a chance to catch my breath.  LOL
I haven’t really said a whole lot about this new kit from Edna and I.  Keeping the name and topic mum is a cheap thrill of mine.  LOL  It is so gorgeous!  I don’t know if you have ever traveled by train, but, the rail cars have their own unique style.  Everything is tailored and sized just right to fit it all in the narrow width of the car.  So, what they do with the limited space is make it plush and comfortable for the passengers.  A long time ago, when rail travel was so commonplace, the designs in some of the cars was sheer elegance.  In more recent years, things were trimmed down considerably, with lower-maintenance accommodations.  Use of economically better, more durable fabrics and surfaces became more common.  Rail travel had dwindled quite a bit after WWII, so, it was more economical to go for ‘industrial-strength’ decor.  LOL
Anyway, I was reminded of the old, plush, passenger compartments such as the likes of the Orient Express, when Miss Edna sent me the logo for this kit, “All Aboard”.  At first, I thought she was planning a blog train.  LOL  I didn’t go quite as fancy as James West’s rail car in “The Wild, Wild West”, but, it was fancy for me.  As with the last kit, we will give away two parts each and every Monday.  Both Edna and I participate in the Gothic Inspirations Monthly Blog Train.  It comes out on the first of each month.  For that week we will not post any part of a kit.  Then, the other three weeks, we’ll have a part of a kit until you have ALL of it, like this vintage, yet kinda fancy kit.  I used quite a few ‘vintage rail’ memorabilia from searching the web.  I want to give my thanks to  Others were from clip-art sites around the web.  Use them for your own personal scrapping, please.  So, there ya are!  “All Aboooaaarrrrddddd!!!!”  LOL
The first previews are for my part, linked to take you to MediaFire for download, followed by previews for Edna’s, which link to her blog.  Though the images are split into elements and papers, each download is a combination of each and consists of two files.  The files are also all under 30mb each so they don’t take so darned long.  That is why there are six(6( parts/files total.  Click on my two previews for two downloads.
And, next, Miss Edna’s part:

Isn’t it the coolest?!  Toot!  Toot!  Please, enjoy!
I saved the absolute best for last, though!  You, the reader/visitor.  I want to thank each and every one of the good people who read what I write and those who have left me such kind messages.  I see what all the hubbub has been about.  It is nice to open an e-mail and there be even a simple, little note that says, “Thanks!”  Now I know what everyone meant!  LOL  You are all too kind.  There have been some real nice comments, too.  Ya’ll make me blush.  You don’t have to do that.  (But, don’t stop!  LOL)  I’m not trying to win any awards or make a fortune even.  Essentially, I blog for the hell of it.  My blog costs me $10 whole dollars a year so that I don’t have to have “blogspot” in the addy. 
Creating pretties and all kinds of art, taking part in both the scrapbooking community and the delightful community of ‘cottage industry’ artists of all kinds, is a passion.  I can’t believe I waited until recently to learn digital design and art.  I’m glad I had the ‘hands-on’ experience of painting and making things with my hands, of course.  But, the possibilities with digital are so wonderful and plenty and much cleaner and neater!  LOL  So, I get to do this all day, share what I do, like giving away presents, and then, some really nice folks come by and say “Hi!” and “Thank you!”  Who could ask for anything more?  Hmmm?  I ask you!  LOL
Thank you!  Thank you very much!
And, don’t forget to smile.  Smile pretty, now.

SU CheshireCat

13 thoughts on “New Freebie Collab With Miss Edna, “Scarey” G-Kids & Unruly Furniture

  1. Su, Your grandbaby is just beautiful. I have a granddaughter just about that age. Aren't they just a delight? Thanks so much for the freebie. I have an 8 year old grandson who is a train buff. It will be wonderful to scrap some of his photos.


  2. Su, I just loved those scary photos of the little ones from Halloween. They are just so precious. Those photos of Kaleb are just adorable. They remind me of when mine were that little and so investigative!! Enjoy, they grow up so fast. Hugs, Edna B.


  3. Hi again Su!It's been a while, and I forgot how much I enjoy you talking about your g-kids :)Reminds me of my mum – she's all over my two!We had a halloween themed sleepover for Wren's 10th bday… Ghostbusters coming out of our ears, four little witches running wild, and hubby dressed up as Count Dorkula!Not many people over here in Australia do halloween (including us), so we let the girls trick or treat us half a dozen times & pretended to be different people each time. They had a ball.And it looks like your little scary people did too. :DTake care,Jane 🙂


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