So, this is my fourth or fifth attempt at writing a post during the holidays.  Ha!  Here at Romper Room, we have been having a very busy time!  Whew!  Between the children having their winter break from school and children getting sick, we have had a time of it.  All the while, we’ve been entertaining holiday visitors, getting together with loved ones and friends, baking and sharing cookies, giving gifts and getting them, too, and all the rest of the revelry we call the holidays.  
Life is never dull, you know?  I may not have had the time to finish a single post, but, I loved it when Jaela came and climbed up in my lap to get some loving.  It was also a welcome interruption to spend an hour with my grandson, watching a program on animals and how smart they are.  His outlook on such things, at 8-years-old, is so amazing!  I had plenty to do, too, the day Kaleb was brought to me for his mommy to go ‘see Santa’.  But, that time that I spent with the little guy was so neat!  He’s all but walking and a ton of fun.  And, his cuddles while rocking him are so sweet!  His daddy, my son, started walking on his first birthday.  Today is Kaleb’s first.  We’ll see!
Happy Birthday, Kaleb! 
My birthday was the other day, too.  Yep!  December 23rd!  My family took me to dinner and went in together on a new terabyte external hard drive for me.  I was tickled!  I’m slowly getting my 450gbs of designing resources switched over.  I also received the most beautiful greetings from my friend Miss Edna.  She is such a peach!  There were a lot of folks who stopped in and wished me a happy one.  I THANK all of you!
Real quickly, before another interruption, I have a couple of links for you.  Before they are put away, zoom on over to Sandy Crea’s blog and collect those 25 days of Christmas goodies!  For 25 days, there was a free downloadable “present” for the readers.  The links were still up as of this writing.  What is it about this give away?  You won’t believe all that is in these downloads!  They are amazing.  From Christmas goodies to dinosaurs, they have it all.  Give it a checking out and see.  The website is in French and I don’t do French, but, you can easily figure out the download process.
Next, for anyone who is into fonts, I found what I believe is a well-kept secret.  Over at typOasis, there is a complete collection of Dieter Steffman’s fonts.  Actually, they have some awesome collections there!  Dieter just has so many and they are all works of art!  You can also find some cool dingbats from Eduardo Recife!  His art is amazing!  See what all is hiding among the pages of this site and who knows?  Your next big inspiration may just be there!  LOL
I think I have written about this place before, but, Vintage Vectors is one you need to subscribe to.  Vintage is hot right now!  If you have Photoshop, you can use vector files in it.  They offer free downloads of some really awesome designs!  Here are some they offered recently:
Also, there is a ‘sister’ site, Keep Designing.  There, you will find the vectors, but, there is a lot more.  This is more of a general design site with Photoshop things like brushes, Illustrator stuff, tutorials, etc.  I know you will find something you like!  Subscribe to the RSS feed of either site and catch all the downloads as they are posted, at least several times a month from Vintage Vector.  The best thing about vectors, if you need more persuading, is that no matter how large or small you make them, they retain their shape and all details as they aren’t based on pixels.  And, lastly, but, most importantly, the people are so darned nice!  You leave a comment and they’ll respond.  That means something to me.
I promised that I would come back after my last post with a little present for everyone.  I didn’t get it posted in time for my birthday.  Didn’t make it on Christmas either.  But, I’m finally getting it posted.  I have made a few things.  Click on the images to go to 4Shared for downloading.

SU CheshireCat

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