Good Monday, folks!  Here is sunny Florida it is raining.  No, wait, it’s pouring!  I think the rain held off until most folks were at school and work.  Hope so!  That sucks to try to get someplace during rush hour in the pouring rain!  After the rain, it will get cold, so, I look forward to that.  It is much easier to get warm that to try to cool off! 
I am so ticked off!  I’m not sure exactly what is going on.  Either somebody by the name of Tommy Roberson is going around using my cell phone number or, somehow, these collection firms have latched on to my number and they are ruthless!  I looked up one of the numbers and the firm has a very bad record of using illegal methods to try to collect.  They’ve used threats of jail and just plain harassment.  Their owner has spent time in a Florida jail and is no longer allowed to operate a business in the state.  That isn’t stopping them, though.  I get a call a day from one of several different places for Tommy Roberson and I don’t know anyone by that name.  Not only that, but, I don’t owe anyone any money to any firms like that.  I’ve explained this before and it still goes on!  I have had five(5) calls this morning for this guy!  I’m not joking.  Two numbers called twice each.  The others were either different loan companies, or, the same one under different phone numbers and names.  I would gladly answer the phone and correct their mistake, but, the calls are only messages for Tommy Roberson to call the company.  I finally got the name and information and have called three of them back and asked them to stop.  One hung up on me when I asked, right away, to speak to a supervisor.  Apparently, that is a no-no!  They say they are placing my number on a ‘do-not-call’ list.  We shall see.  It is quite a nuisance!  But, one caller, a foreign-speaking man, went on and on in the message he left.  He was saying how Tommy had better call – or else.  He said he ‘felt sorry’ for Tommy for what was going to happen to him.  It’s unbelievable!  When I got through to this ‘winner’, trying to explain I wasn’t Tommy, he got rude, so, I hung up after I told him he was the one who was going to be sorry if he didn’t stop calling me.  Threats of jail are so illegal it is ridiculous!  Debtor’s prisons went out in the 1800’s!  But, that is a moot point when you take into consideration they have the wrong number.  Tommy Roberson – curses to you!
One of my closest friends is an attorney.  I’ve told him about this and he is chomping at the bits to get hold of these fools!  He doesn’t know yet about today’s activity, but, he will soon.  LOL  I can always try to have my number changed.  I really don’t want to, though, because it is an easy number for me to remember.
So, how is your week starting off?  LOL  All the big holidays are behind us now.  It’s time to buckle down and get busy with this new year.  I’ve come across quite a few folks online who have made commitments to this new year.  I applaud those brave souls!  While there is ample room for improvement in me, I know better than to set goals I can’t reach.  So, I never make any resolutions.  It is always my intention to be happy and to grow spiritually.  I always try to do my best.  So, why set myself up for failure with a set of goals that I should do in the first place?  LOL  More power to you all!  But, this girl is going to just brave the new year as I am, not as I hope to be.  I have plenty of room for personal growth, but, it is on my terms, not the calendar’s.
While I have a few more things to write, I am going to reserve them for another day.  I want to introduce you to the newest collaboration with Miss Edna’s Place.  “A Merry Berry New Year” is January’s goody for you all.  Like before, Miss Edna and I create a kit for you and each of us posts two(2) parts each, per week, for three weeks.  Previous kits’ links are still up and available if you would like to check those out.  I believe Miss Edna leaves hers up for a while, too.  The way our releases worked out put us after the New Year, but, not too late to scrap your photos from the holidays.  After you download my two parts, click on Miss Edna’s Place’s preview to go to her blog to download her two parts.  My previews are clickable for each of the two links for today.  I sincerely hope you enjoy this beautiful collaboration.  
To Download Part 1 – Click Image
To Download Part 2 Click Image
There!  Now, click on Miss Edna’s preview to go to her place for her two parts.
I hope you enjoy these goodies!  Have a good week, ya’ll!

SU CheshireCat

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