New Freebie Collab with Miss Edna Parts 1 & 2

Greetings, All!  I’ve spent a little time away from my pc, lately, and it is weird getting back into the swing of things.  LOL   My e-mail is a nightmare!  But, it is nice to be sitting here.  Life can certainly dish out the poop, eh?  Sigh.  We seem to always manage, though.  I just had to stop and take stock of my self.  I’m ready to pursue my interests, once again. 
Blogger sucks!  I just lost half of my post.  It’s sluggish as all get out.  I’ve had nothing but trouble with it today!

I was commenting on Valentine’s Day and all the pretty hearts and all that I see everywhere.  I was writing that by sharing a smile or a small friendly gesture, it can not only make someone else’s day brighter, but, it always makes me feel good, too.  But, somehow, after Blogger got done with me, this morning, I just don’t feel very lovey, dovey!  So…..Spread the love, damnit!  LOL

I have plenty of things to write about and a gift for you all.  I’m not going to include that in this post, though, since this post is to bring you the new collaboration parts.  Miss Edna and I are at it again!  LOL  This month’s theme started out one way and ended up another.  First, the title of the theme was to be “Loverly”, from the song, “Wouldn’t It Be Loverly?” in “My Fair Lady”.  Lo and behold, great minds think alike, or something.  There was another Valentine’s themed kit by the title, “Lovely”.  To avoid confusion, we just went with “My Fair Lady”.  The story line is about a woman from a lesser station in life, a cockney flower girl, becoming the object of a proper gentleman’s bet that he can transform her into one of his kind and station.  Eliza Doolittle’s stubbornness makes for one major challenge for the guy.  She was a pistol!  The time frame is the turn of the century.  This lent itself well to an old-fashioned themed ‘love’ kit.

And, that is what we have for you!  The colors are a bit different, too, from the usual Valentine’s Day palette.  Here are the colors:

See what I mean?  There is the red and pink, as should be included.  Then, though, we threw in some other colors, like black and the yellow and blue/green.  It looks so nice!  Well, see for yourselves!  As we have been doing, Miss Edna and I create a kit each month.  Skipping the first Monday of each month for other projects, we start on the second Monday of the month giving each of our parts away as free gifts.  We each give two(2) parts away each week, for three weeks.  So, that is four(4) parts a week for three weeks – twelve(12) parts!  Be sure to come back every Monday for the remaining parts.  All of my past kit parts are still available, as are Miss Edna’s, so, you haven’t missed any of them.  You can use the sidebar index to access archives.

Now, then, without further adieu, we present to you, “February’s Collaboration:  My Fair Lady”:

(Though I have two separate previews, one for the elements and one for the papers, each week you will download a selection of both.  Since there are two parts for you, click on the first preview for one part and the other preview for the second part.  Following my previews are Miss Edna’s previews, which, if you click on either of the preview images, you will be taken to Miss Edna’s Place for her two parts.)

(previews are linked to Mediafire)




Now, go collect two(2) more parts from Miss Edna:
(Both previews are linked to Miss Edna’s blog)

There ya go!  I have an ‘add-on’ that I will post either later or tomorrow.  What happened is I missed participating in Gothic Inspirations’ monthly blog train this month.  The theme was to make CU goodies.  I did that, but, since I missed getting in on the train on the first, I kind of made it my own.  LOL  Actually, I found myself using the colors from our collaboration – I liked them so much.  So, I am adding it in as an add-on to our collab.  It’s very versatile, free for your use anywhere, and, well, come back tomorrow!  LOL

Until then,

s m i l e



SU CheshireCat

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