On Holiday

Hi, All!  I’m digging my visit wityh Miss Edna and Tootsie here in Kissimmee!  What fun!  We’ve been pretty busy doing nothing!  LOL  We have our laptops and have talked a blue streak about ‘puter stuff, staying up to 4:00 am the other night.  It is so very relaxing.  I miss the hell out of the g-kids, but, hey, I’ll see plenty of them when I get back. Go to Miss Edna’s Place blog where she has posted a couple of photos, if you like.   There have been wildfires along the Atlantic coast.  They’re along I-95 which runs the length of Florida.  The authorities have closed parts of the interstate in several spots from time to time.  It has been very windy, fanning the flames and making it worse.  Then, when they thought they had it under control, the wind changed directions and it got bad again.  It isn’t real close to us, where we are, but, there is a haze from time to time that isn’t very nice.  I sure hope they get a grip on it soon!  People’s homes, acres of land and all the wildlife are in crisis!  I don’t have a thing to give today other than my gratitude for all the good people that take the time to read my drivel. LOL I rather ‘shut-down’ when I’m on HOLIDAY! LOL We’re working on this month’s new kit to have it ready for you on Monday. This month we’re doing “Cat in a Basket”. The colors are really nice, too! Be sure and come back Monday.

That’s it for the time being.  It is almost time for my nap.  LOL  I just wanted to say “Hi” to you all and hope you all are well and in good spirits!
Til next time,



SuSU CheshireCat

One thought on “On Holiday

  1. Su, it looks like you, Edna and Tootsie are having a wonderful time! I hope those flames stay far away from you and are put out soon! I am SO looking forward to the March collab from you and Edna!Enjoy your visit with each other!


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