New Freebie Collab with Miss Edna

Hi, All!  Miss Edna and I are still on holiday in Kissimmee.  It has been very relaxing.  We’ve both done all the attractions, like Disney, on previous trips, so, we aren’t going that route this one.  We’ve done a few ‘flea markets’ and picked up a couple of things for family.  But, the remaining time we’ve spent playing on Photoshop and sharing of some files of pictures and stuff.  We be just a couple of nerds, I guess. LOL One thing we have been doing is our March collaboration.  This month’s theme is “Cat in a Basket”.  Miss Edna found a real cute image and pulled the colors from it.  We thought it would be fun to play with some kitty images.  For our first week’s give-away parts, we’ve each made two(2) QP’s for you.  Then, next week and the next Monday after, we’ll be giving you four more parts with papers and elements based on the same theme.  What could be cuter than a basket full of kitties?  Cat lovers, I hope you like. (Click on the preview to go to MediaFire to download the QP file.  There’s one file, equaling two(2) parts.) 

  Then, go on over to Miss Edna’s Place to collect her QP’s. (Click on the preview to go to Miss Edna’s blog.) 

  That’s a gonna do it for today.  I gots to go ‘relax’!  LOL  But, we will both be back next Monday with more parts to this kit for you.  Until then….. SMILE!  And the whole world will smile with you! (Or figure you’re nuts and run.  LOL) Hugs, Su SU CheshireCat

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