Some Art, Some Links & Some More Kittie Collab Freebie

I got so homesick, I came home last weekend, a week early!  LOL  My visit with Edna was so pleasant and relaxing.  Saturday night, though, I started feeling melancholy.  I missed my Chelsea and the grandchildren!  I came home on Monday and it was so nice to be here.   The grand-b’s were so delighted to see me, and I, them.  When things settled down and I started getting ready for bed, I missed Chelsea.  This is the first time I have come home from being away and Chelsea was not here to greet me.  I kept looking for her.  Miss Tootsie, Edna’s doggie, was a great diversion, at first.  She got a lot of my affections along with Edna’s.  It held me over until I got home.
While I was gone there were a couple of crisis situations which, for the most part, my daughter handled very well.  No, really!  She did good!  LOL  There was the glass in the storm door thing.  There is someone that is supposed to come out and measure for the new one.  There was the kitchen range, which ‘blew up’.  We have a new one now!  And, the dishwasher incident.  Jaela went and pushed all the buttons, causing it to jam or some crap.  A light was flashing and nothing worked.  After trying to see if she could figure it out, my daughter slapped the dickens out of the front of the darn thing and now it works fine!  LOL  I’m not kidding!
There are two things I would like to share with you all.  They are both for textures, but, hey, one can never have enough textures.  Wanna know how much I love textures?  I have 33.7gigabytes of ’em!  LOL  I was surprised to see how big that folder is.  But, you’ll soon see why.  I’ve written about Caleb Kimbrough before.  Everyone has heard of Caleb, I’m sure.  But, anyway.  He creates the most awesome textures!  You want grunge?  He does grunge, from soft to ridiculous!  He has a hand in a bunch of different projects/sites.  Among some of them are Lost and Taken, Zen Textures, his Flickr account and a regular guest host spot on StockVault’s Blog for a feature called “Free Texture Friday”.  Ya think he’s busy?  LOL  Here is a list of those links for you if you want to check him out.
(There are individual texture downloads in the Gallery.)

M’kay?  Caleb also does guest posting on other blogs from time to time.  His textures are very nice!  But, I also want to tell you about 10 Raven’s.  The textures are not the only thing there is on this site.  There are stock images, as well.  But, the textures and images are good.  It is well worth the visit. 
I haven’t been online much, nor have I really been working on my art.  I did this piece for one of Digital Whisper’s Photo-Manipulation Challenge.  I put it up for revision.  Kimmie is awesome with her tutoring!  She really urges us to push the envelope and she offers some excellent tips on shading and high-lighting, focal points, blending, etc .  We have a new DeviantArt group, now, too.  It is a photo-manip group, with challenges.  Only, we can shove the damned envelope onto the floor over there!  LOL  We’re not that bad!  We all just have a bit of a preference for the ‘dramatic’ when it comes to art.  There!  LOL  Anyway, here’s that recent piece:
I’m extremely late in posting, aren’t I?  Anything that could possibly interrupt me has happened today.  LOL  When I got up this morning, I just had to package this kit up and post it.  HA!  If it wasn’t the phone, it was the door.  Sarah came home for lunch and I had a few calls to make.  But, at last and finally, here are the next two(2) parts of “Cat in a Basket” for you.  The links follow the preview.  Then, go to see Miss Edna for her two(2) parts, if you haven’t already.  Click on her preview to go to her blog.  Next week we will give you the last two(2) parts.  We did the QP’s for the first week, now, these two(2), then, the two(2) next week and you will have a cool new kit!
Miss Edna’s Preview
(Click preview to go to her blog)
There ya go!  I put in a whole bunch of accessories for you to use to decorate your sweet pet’s photos.  And, Miss Edna has put some St Patrick’s Day goodies in hers.  Hope you have a good time with this kit!  Thank you ever so much for coming to visit.
Until next time,
Check out the latest rage in Japan, LED Smiles!  Though, I doubt many are wearing them right now.  Remember our earth-mates in your prayers and thoughts.
I wanted to say a great, big, ol’ Thanks, Ya’ll, for all the sweet messages you sent after losing Chelsea.  It warmed my tired, old heart.  Thank You!

SU CheshireCat

5 thoughts on “Some Art, Some Links & Some More Kittie Collab Freebie

  1. Having just spent the weekend with my nieces and discovering I already missed them on the way home last night, I TOTALLY understand you missing the grandkids, Su! I'm glad you and Edna had a nice time together!Thank you both so much for Cat In The Basket! I'm going to enjpy using it with the pics of our feline kids!


  2. You did a great job with that photo manipulation project!! I love the idea of the eggplant house. Its so pretty, makes one want to have a look at the inside too!! You have a great day, hugs, Edna B.


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