New Freebie Collab, Art and Spring Break

(Note:  LOL  I sure got this post up in time!  It isn’t supposed to be up until NEXT Monday!  It isn’t even April, yet!  I don’t know what I was thinking!!  I wasn’t, I guess.  Well, it’s up.  Enjoy it.  I’ll put up something else from the kit next week.  Consider this an early-freebie.  LOL  Sorry, Edna!)

A good Monday, everyone!  I’m not racing the clock this week!  LOL  In fact, I’m putting this post up on Sunday evening, just to be sure I am not late. 

Well, tomorrow is the first day of that incident that happens every year around this time, striking fear in the hearts of parents everywhere – spring break!  LOL  Yeah, the little ones will be around a lot more.  They can still go to day care, though Nicky is outgrowing it for all-day occasions.  He’s almost nine(9).  He goes to after-school care at the same day care as his sister, the one he has attended since birth.  A couple of hours of it aren’t too bad, he says, but, all day, like when public school is closed, is just too much!  LOL  Also, when the children are out of school, they like to get together with their friends and/or cousins.  They really don’t get much chance to do so during school time.  So, tomorrow, two of their cousins are coming for a visit, so, the g-kids will stay home and I’ll have a house full.  The rest of the week is still ‘up in the air’, until we know what activities are offered at the day care center this week.  They try to keep a busy schedule of activities during spring break to make it fun for the children.  They go to the pool or the movies and it breaks up the day for them.  I usually keep them home on the days where they have no activities planned and send them when they do.  This makes for a nice week for both, the children and myself!
Speaking of pools, my daughter got another pool for this summer.  Last year’s was about shot, but, we got a lot of use out of it.  This one is HUGE!
 There ‘s room enough for all the children in this one!  LOL  And, if they are careful, they can even dive, as long as it’s a shallow dive.  Saturday we had family and friends over for a cook-out and the children had a blast in the pool!  When my daughter gets home in the evenings with the children, they love to go for a swim.  This gives mommy a chance to relax for a few minutes, have a cuppa and start dinner.  Swimming also wears the little ones out really good!  They sleep like, well, babies.  LOL
I’ve got another art piece to show you.  The challenge at Digital Whisper called for us to follow a tut for a final image of a ghost in a dark, mysterious place.  Trying to find appropriate images to work with took me off the tutorial and, well, this is what I got.  I want to see if you ‘get it’.  LOL  The topic is “ghost”.
(Credits Available)
 Miss Edna and I are kicking off another monthly freebie kit for you today.  Collaborating together since October 2010, we give away a freebie in three parts each month.  Our freebies come out in six(6) parts, with each of us giving away two(2) parts each of the three weeks.  This week, we give you two(2) ‘quick pages’ for the new kit, “It’s Raining, Duckie Dear!”  It’s spring!  The sweet spring showers are turning everything green, making the flowers bloom.  The spring birth of a new generation of fauna and flora is so rewarding after a dark, cold winter.  Dancing in the first rain of spring is a fun little ritual that a lot of folks I know do.  It’s sort of a “thanks, mother nature, we made it,/ bless the newbies” thing.  Next week, then, the week after that, we’ll give away a total of four(4) more parts each, only, the rest of the freebie is kit parts.  We give you papers and elements and such for you to create your own layouts.  Sound good?  Great! 
Here is a preview for my QP’s.  Click on the image to go to MediaFire to download them as Parts 1 & 2.  Below that is Miss Edna’s QP preview.  Click on it to go to her blog for her two parts.
Miss Edna’s Place Preview:
(Click on preview to go to her blog.)
I’ll see you next Monday, if not sooner.  Have a great Monday!

SU CheshireCat

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