Good evening.  I want to write earnestly, here, if ya’ll don’t mind reading it.  It’s important to me.  Ever since I posted the previous post so prematurely, I have been bothered by it.  It makes me wonder what else I am forgetting or doing wrong.  I mean, I’m serious.  We humans like to think we are normal – okay, so to speak.  If we weren’t, we’d feel ‘wierd’, or awkward.  Few people enjoy being a spectacle, standing out from the rest of the pack in a not-good kind of way.  I know I don’t.  But, yet, no matter how hard I try to blend in and be just like everyone else, go with the flow, I am finding that I haven’t.  I do things, thinking I’m doing everything right and as required or whatever.  Then, afterwards, I learn that I was totally off-base.  Like with that post.  It’s not nice!
I know, you’re probably thinking, “big deal!”  Well, no, posting too early isn’t the end of the world, but, as I said earlier, what else have I done erroneously or have forgotten to do.  I feel stupid.  That, is so ironic, too, because I’m not and it is something I feel strongly about.  Not tootin’ my own horn,but, I have an IQ of 148.  That is from a real test, issued by an actual psychologist, in his office, not from Facebook.  LOL  I was always an excellent student, making good grades all my life.  In college I made the Dean’s List, was a member of the honor’s program and graduated with a 3.92GPA.  I love knowledge!  LOL  In a way, I guess, my intelligence has been something that gave me a sense of worth, of value as a person.  I grew up in a college town and all my life we have joked about all the ‘educated idiots’ that live here.  I hate stereo-typing, but, this town is full of folks who have an entire alphabet behind their names, yet, can’t fill out a form right.  I kid you not!  All jokes aside, one must have some ‘common’ sense in order to survive in this world.   
I worked in the office where they provide parking decals for the university.  If you want to have your car on campus, at all, it must have a decal and they are issued according to your level, your title, pay scale, and/or residency.  Everyone has to get theirs each year in May.  One of the all-time best permits is an “Official Business” decal.  It allows one to park anywhere except a service zone.  The only people who are eligible for this one are doctors, professor emeritus’, and high-ranking staff.  An elderly gentleman came in, one day, to renew his decal.  He was a Professor Emeritus.  I gave him a card to fill out and seated him at a table in our lobby to fill it out.  I showed him an example taped to the table-top, in the event he had any problems with the form.  He finished up and came back up to the counter.  I looked down at his card and he had filled it in exactly as the example read!  It had, “John Doe, 123 Main Street, Anytown, USA”, word for word, identical to the sample card taped to the table.

SU CheshireCat

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