Hi, All!  I come here today to share some things with you.  It’s always nice to find things online that we can use in our daily lives.  Even better when those finds solve problems for us.  What is that saying, “Necessity is the mother of invention”?  Right?  So, here is what I found.
At Digital Whispers we have been doing a Round Robin challenge, where each person adds their part to an image, then, passes it along to the next person.  And, so on.  We ran into a major hurdle when we passed the file on to the next.  In Ning’s group pages, you can share .JPG and .PNG, but, .PSD files are usually too large.  We were having to pass on a .JPG, which limits what the next person can do.  It was becoming a mess!  LOL
I recalled a website I found called “Min.us”.  At Min.us, you can upload and share files with anyone you want.  All you have to do is upload, grab the link they give you, then, go post the link to whoever you want to have it.  It is a lot like the big file-sharing sites, just a nth the trouble.  You don’t have to register and it works great for our purposes.  We’re able to add our part to the main .PSD file, then, upload it and share the link with the next person.  It helps that we are all using Photoshop.
I tell you about this as it would seem to me that many of us have situations where we have a file to get to a friend or colleague and no easy way to do this.  People who have to collaborate on any project should find this solution an easy one.  But, there is more!
If you have a lot of stuff you share frequently, there is another program that would work really nice.  “DropBox” is software you download and install on your pc.  It creates a folder in “My Documents” that you put anything you wish to share.  (You can put this folder anywhere.)  Once all set up, to share something, drop it in this folder.  Ta-da!  That’s it!  Just drop it in the folder.  This will create a link.  You give the link to the person you wish to share it with.  By the miracle of technology, as long as the recipient has DropBox, too, the file will be accessible to them in their folder.  I’m not real sure if you even have to share the link.  
The main feature about DropBox is the ability to use any pc, anywhere, and still be able to access files on your home pc, for instance.  The software must be installed on the pc you want to use, but, it takes no time at all.  Corporate people can throw whatever they want to share in their folder and anyone who needs to see it can go to their folder and see it, like a proposal or plans, etc.  People like me, well, it offers an easy alternative to e-mail image sharing.
I got my daughter signed up.  If she has a photo of one of the children, she can drop it into her folder and I can get it.  I know there are other means of sharing, but, this is so versatile.  In group situations, like the one at DW, this feature could work much like the Min.us site.  

SU CheshireCat

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