Last Parts Collab Freebie

 Good Monday morning, ya’ll!  Well, not so good here.  My back problem flared up on me Saturday.  I spent the weekend in bed, for the most part.  I hate this!  I have things I want to do and need to do!  But, it just isn’t going to happen until this bout of aggravated pain settles down.  It’s all I can do to sit for more than a few minutes!  I actually started this post on Sunday, yesterday.
This is what the ‘hardware’ in my lower back looks like:
  I remember, years ago, thinking I was in horrible pain, then!  LOL  Goodness!  I never considered this much pain was possible.  I’m sure others have dealt with pain in their lives.  It’s hard, eh?  One can only take so much medicine, too.  After a while, it feels like you’ve become immune to the meds.  They scramble your brain, anyway!  Aside from all the drugs, I’ve tried a good number of other measures to alleviate the pain, like meditation, relaxation, walking , heating pads, ice packs, rub-on medicines and crying.  LOL  I even have some patches that go on my back with a numbing agent in them.  They do work good, but, one package of eight(8), I think it is, is almost $600.00!  I have insurance, but, sheesh!  
My grandson wasn’t feeling too good this morning, himself, so, he stayed home from school.  He’s been helping me.  He is such a sweet boy!  He feels pretty good about his F-CAT testing, by the way.
I have a list of links for ya’ll, but, it will have to wait until I feel better.  Before I got so down, I was all over the net!  That’s my favorite past time.  I check the links and blog rolls on other folks’ blogs and websites.  For me, that is the quickest and most easy way of getting to know alot of what is out there.  I am going to try to have that list for you mid-week.
That’s about it for today.  My back is screaming!  LOL  Here are the last two parts of “It’s Raining, Duckie Darling!”, this month’s collaboration with Miss Edna’s Place.  If you have missed earlier parts, or, previous freebie kits and stuff, scroll back through my past pages.  Everything I’ve posted is free and still available.  And, don’t forget to check back each week for some little goody.
Here is the preview:
And, here is Miss Edna’s Place preview.  Click on image to go to her blog to collect her parts today, if you haven’t already been there.

Before you go, I just want to say, “Thank you!” for reading my blog. 
And, as always…

SU CheshireCat

4 thoughts on “Last Parts Collab Freebie

  1. Su it's along time no speak. It is lovely to catch up with you but sad to hear how much pain your in. Pain is an aweful thing to have as a companion.I am thinking of you and wishes that you feel a bit better soon.HugsJune


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