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Since I have been down with this most recent ‘back-attack’, I have tried to start a post several times.  Needless to say, they sit in draft form in my Blogger file.  I hate to lose what I so tediously wrote, so, I am going to take parts of each writing and interject them in here.  I hope it makes sense to everyone.  I was medicated.  That’s the reason I wouldn’t hit the ‘publish’ button when I wrote those posts.  I didn’t know if what I wrote was acceptable or not.  Isn’t that awful?  I learned, though, some time ago, don’t write anything that others can see while under the influence of any kind of mind-altering substance.  Pain meds fall into that category, as well as alcohol, I’m sure.  I don’t drink, but, can only imagine.   I’ve read through them and they appear harmless.  LOL
I have been working on a new header for a little while, now.  In between everything else, I got it to where I am happy with it.  I placed it earlier.  It is my collage of things about me or the things I love.  I put in vintage, like in the flowers, cherubs and fae.  I put in some whimsy, in Cinderella’s Carriage, the mermaid and the March Hare button from Studio Tangee.  I put a reference to my art with the artist’s palette and with the Photoshop icon and feather.  Finally, I made reference to myself with a globe, for my love of learning, and the perfume, ’cause I am a lady!  LOL  The frames serve no purpose other than to give a base, a framework, for the junk up there.  And, I love vintage frames.
There’s one more item up there and it’s kind of a fun, ‘secret’ thing.  The keyhole has little tiny faeries through it if you can get in close enough to see.  LOL  It’s just for fun!  When I was a little girl. I had a dress with a clover leaf pattern.  The label said that there was one(1) 4-leaf clover, somewhere on the dress.  Of course, I found it right away – almost.  I thought that was the coolest thing EVER!  If there is one thing that I have when doing all this, it is FUN!  I love creating and putting it all down so I can enjoy it.  I’m not a big FaceBook person, but, since so many folks I know, including my family, are on it frequently, I decided to post my artwork up there in a gallery.  When I have completed adding it all up to date, I’ll post about it.  In case anyone is interested.  LOL

This past month, over at Digital Whispers, we had a couple of really neat learning experiences, as usual.  But, one stood out among the rest.  I think I mentioned it before, but, we did a “Zetti” Round Robin.  We each took turns adding our own ‘part(s)’ to one image.  The end result was so fun!
LOL  That’s what “Zetti” is.  I read one definition, that it is a hodge-podge of body parts.  That one seems to be the best since body parts are a given in Zetti.  In my research on this art style, I came across some interesting things.  I have been promising some links for you for a while, now, so, here we go!

Starting off the list is “The Sum of All Crafts”.   This chick dabbles in a little bit of everything craft-wise.  Valerie has an awesome blog.  When you first see it, especially if you are a digital artist/designer, you think you’ve stumbled upon a hybrid crafts site.  Along the top menu bar are topics such as “Swirly Flowers” and “Punch-Art Samples”.  These are the cutest ornaments and flowers for embellishing anything you make.  But, that is not it!  Well, it is that, but, it has much, much more!  She has, literally, hundreds of downloadable vintage images for use in crafting and art.  Check out the side bar “Labels”.  She has quite a bit there, all categorized for you!  Near the bottom, under Zetti/Steampunk, I think, she has some great ‘parts’.  Beginning January 23, 2011, Valerie released a set of images to use in making Zetti and/or Steampunk art, or any kind of art for that matter.  There are arms and heads and some neat mechanical parts.  LOL  You got to check it out.  The give away of the Zetti/Steampunk stuff runs for thirteen(13) days, so, make some time and enjoy all this chick has to offer.  I bet there is something there you will like!

This next link comes with a tip for convenience.  I found it as an answer to a dilemma.  When we did our ‘Round Robin’ at DW, each person would add their part, then, save the .jpg and post it on the forum for the next person.  We each added our part with our program of choice, Photoshop, PSP, Paint, etc.  But, to post it, it could only be in .png or .jpg format.  Our forum will host a .psd file, but, only up to about 8 mbs.  Anything over that and it would not post.  So, you can imagine the difficulties in trying to add your part to an ‘established’ image.  The first parts end up being almost completely covered up by subsequent artists’ additions. 

As it so happened, all of us were using Photoshop, so, we were all working in layers.  I recalled a website I have used a time or two,  My Yahoo mail attachments don’t show .png files, for some reason, so, I had been using to post logos and previews of the monthly freebie kit for Miss Edna.  By sending her the link in an e-mail, she could easily access the images and download them, too.  Easy-peasy!  I suggested we try this for our Round Robin and it worked great!  After each person added what they wanted, they uploaded the piece to and posted the link in the forum.  The very act of uploading generates a link. One doesn’t have to register to use this site; some folks don’t like registering all over the place.   We still had to post a .jpg on the forum pages to share each addition of our parts, but, it made working on the piece so much easier. is a great way to share a working document, even a .psd! Screenshot

 I just want to add:  I know that you don’t really want to mess with what another person has added, but, sometimes, just moving an element over a tiny bit to make room for your parts, or, maybe, slipping your addition in behind other parts, is necessary.  In a way, this defeats the premise behind a Round Robin – you work with what you get.  But, we were in an educational state for this challenge, learning about Zetti as we went.  I think it will be alright for this.  LOL  Everyone seemed happy with the final piece.  The whole point is to be able to share the files within our group and was fab for that!

Okay!  Next!  Have you ever taken a snapshot, or seen one, that would look awesome as a piece of art hanging on your wall?  Some are ‘ready to hang’, whereas, with some, if they just had that ‘artistic rendering’, they would certainly be masterpieces.  Now, you can do this to a photo and the results are phenomenal!  Check out Vangobot’s “Pop Art Machine”.   If you prefer the ‘Masters’, this may not be it, but, well, try it out on one of your photo images and see what comes out of it.  I am not even going to try to explain how this works, but, two artists created this ‘robot’ to turn simple images into gorgeous pieces of art.  Their site has some videos that show all about it.  Then, there is the ‘machine’.  LOL  It’s under “Interactive” at Vangobot’s.  You can upload an image, like that wonderful photo, and apply any one of several dozen ‘styles’ to it.  You have to try it out!  It is amazing!

I took this image from my hard drive and applied all of the styles, on by one, before deciding on the one I chose.  Here’s the before image:

This is after, with the ‘Hull Curves’ style implemented:

I opted for a subtle change, but, well, check it out.  Here are a few more style examples:

Isn’t that cool?  I had to take a screenshot and then crop it to have a copy of my own, but, I think it is awesome!  Imagine the possibilities!  I played around with my image:

I’m sure there are other uses.  It depends on the image you upload.  Maybe you’ll come up with a few of your own.  I just thought this was neat!
You know I always have something for you.  These are some “Mommy-type” goodies that I created.  First, I have an ornamental frame strip:
Click on the preview to go download from
Then, there are some pretty ‘parfum’ bottles on a collage sheet.  I tried to give these a painted look.  They’re kind of messy, but, I put some work into them and I’m not going to trash them.  LOL  Here ya go!
Click on the preview to go download from
Last, but, not least, is a little kit I put together of pretties for you all since this weekend is Mothers Day.  There are some flowers, naturally.  I made the pattern for the ‘Damask’ papers myself.  I’ll tell ya about that another time.  There is also perfume, or ‘parfum’.  LOL  I like that spelling.  The thing with this kit is that I either made it or it was copyright free.  That means I can give it to you for ‘Commercial Use’.  Which means, you, too, can give away stuff you make with parts from this kit.  LOL  I love all this ‘double talk’!  It’s necessary, though.  Whenever I use stuff that belongs to another, I can give it away for ‘Personal Use’ only.  I cannot ‘pass along’ any rights.  If I make it or there is no copyright on it, I can give it to you and you can use it to make something.  (I don’t want to ever see anything I make go for profit!  It’s just my experiments, but, I feel strongly about this.)
Also, just a note, this is not the monthly collaboration that I do with Miss Edna.  We will bring you that starting next week, Monday, May 9th.  This is Miss Edna’s week to be a part of the Gothic Inspirations blog train.  It always runs on the first of each month. so, that week is our off week for the collab.  Starting next Monday, we’ll bring you two(2) parts a week, each, for three Mondays(weeks).
Click on each preview to go to MediaFire to download:
There!  I finally got all that posted!  LOL  I make such a grand production out of every blog post that it takes me forever to post.  Then, my posts are so full of content, it takes a day to read!  Oh, well!  Consider it a visit from me.  LOL  At least, I don’t post every day!
So, that is it for this post!  You all have a really nice Mothers Day, if you is a mommy.  If not, have a great weekend, anyway!  Until next time…

SU CheshireCat

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