New Freebie Collab – “In the Merry Month of May”

Good Monday!  Is everybody all Hallmarked-out?  LOL  I sure hope everyone had a great Mothers Day/weekend. Mine was nice!  I heard from all three of my babies!  It was so laid back and relaxing.  I couldn’t help but to reflect on my own mother.  I miss ya, momma!  (Sniff-sniff!)  My gracious!  How I do wish I had had more good years with her, but, alas, I am grateful for what I had.  I have such a new-found respect for that lady.  Being a mom is hard and if you have an illness or some other debilitating affliction, being a mom is a challenge.  And, I know it sounds cliche’, but, children don’t come with an owner’s manual.  Yet, nothing else really matters if our children grow up happy and healthy.  I understand this now.  I didn’t for years and I was constantly seeking something else.  The day that it finally hit me – my mom was just a woman, like me – it was such an eye-opener.  I don’t know what I expected, maybe a Hallmark relationship, I don’t know.  She had so many downfalls.  But, she loved us and did her very best to take good care of us.  Just like I am doing.  Wow!  I love you, mom!  I understand!  I actually did get to tell her this, a couple of years before she passed.  Those two words changed everything!  I believe Mom had fretted over her ‘shortcomings’ most of her life.  Then, to have me come to her, late in her life, and tell her it was “okay”, she was so relieved.  From that day, forward, every time I saw or spoke to my mother, she hugged me, gave me a kiss and told me she loved me!  It was what I had waited a lifetime to hear/see.  That only lasted a few short years before she left us, but, I had those years with her!  For that, I am grateful!
Alrighty, then!  This weekend was iNSD, International/National Scrapbooking Day, I think is what it stands for.  All I know is there were sales up the wazoo all over the scrappin’ community!  I found a couple of good deals, but, have to mind my purse strings this month, so, I didn’t get much.  I got more freebies that I bought.  Some of the sites had fun events going on, chats, scavenger hunts, etc.  From what I saw, this is the last big sale event at many of the sites until the fall.  That doesn’t matter, eh?  I’m still amazed at the size of this community!  I found a scrapbooking site last week that was having a blog train.  I recognized one stop/site.  There was a entire list of scrappers who had joined on and I had never heard of any of them.  I thought I had about covered all of them!  LOL  Finding them opens up a whole new avenue of exploration!  So many to visit!  So little time!  LOL  It’s nice, too!  I look at these websites and feel so good knowing others, like me, through the miracle of internet, have been able to realize a dream of having a little “shop”, where we can go visit with friends and enjoy the comradery that comes with it.  For some, scrappin’ is a way of life, an income that is relied upon.  For others, like me, it is something to be involved in, a purpose.  Whatever the reason, this community has a life of it’s own.  I am so glad I am a part of it.  I’m happy to know the people – like you all!
Okay, I’ve pondered and reflected long enough.  It’s time, once again, for the new monthly collaboration with Miss Edna’s Place.  Today, we give you the first parts of “In the Merry Month of May”.  May is one heck of a month!  There are all kinds of events to celebrate, Mothers Day, Memorial Day, the Kentucky Derby, Indy.  In considering this, I realized there is one thing that all of these events share.  They all celebrate in roses!  The Kentucky Derby is known as “the run for the roses”.  Roses have always been a mom’s favorite.  Racers who win are seen celebrating with an arm full of roses or a rose-toting damsel.  Roses are a staple for May.  So, when I approached this month’s design, I steered towards the rose.  I couldn’t help it!  To me, there is nothing more grand than a large, half-open, velvet-y, peach-colored rose.  In addition to roses, May is just known for it’s abundance in growth and the renewal of life.  New growth on plants and new babies abound.  It is ‘propagation’ at it’s finest!  LOL  From man’s earliest times on earth, spring has brought forth many beliefs, more than any other time of year.  What better way to celebrate than flowers!
So, this week, we are giving you the first two(2) parts.  We each have a couple of QP’s for you.  After collecting my parts, visit Miss Edna’s Place to collect what she has for you, if you haven’t already been there.  Then, for the next two Mondays, we will give you two(2) parts each per week.  You’ll wind up with a total of six(6) parts from each of us for a total of twelve(12) parts in all!  Here is the preview for my QP’s.  Click on it to go to MediaFire for downloading.  Then, you will see Miss Edna’s preview.  Click on it to go to her blog for her parts.
My Preview:
I didn’t exactly follow the color palette for them – I got carried away!  LOL
Miss Edna’s Preview:
Aren’t they neat?!  Now, go get you some!  LOL
Until we meet again…

SU CheshireCat

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