Hi, All!  I come back today with a few things for you and, perhaps, something from you.  Let me explain.  To me, the hardest part of digital scrapbooking is keeping track of any and all resources one uses in the production of a layout, kit or elements.  I’m not even going to go into copyright and attributes.  There are loads of articles on that.  We’re past that, time to document the sources.
Different suppliers require different guidelines to attribution.  Some are okay with their blinkie being posted on the blog where you give the item out.  Some require a mention in the items file that folks download.  Whichever way the artist wishes is not that difficult to do, as long as you keep track of everything in one place. 
I have been using Notepad.  Once I begin on a project, I simply create a Notepad doc and type the information and URL or other helpful or required material.  This doc can be added to the folder for download so that anyone using your item(s) knows exactly from whence it came.  This method actually works great!  However, in my DW group, there is a lady who does this her own way in what she refers to as her “Work in Progress”.  My friend, Rian, at Freubel-Art, has an awesome style, to begin with.  She keeps “screenshots” of the steps and resources that she uses in any project.
Here is her latest work, “Chocolate”, and her “Work in Progress” page:
Notice that she includes the URL’s of the images.  One could even add tips and techniques, like she does with this same creation, in the same post, Theme: Challenge TakeAWord / CHOCOLATE.
It came to me that there just might be a program, software or app that is designed to facilitate my own WIP (Work In Progress) page.  Rian takes screenshots of hers.  I wanted to find some way to add the images as I went that didn’t require a lot of hassle.  I had seen some templates and articles on ‘planning’ that recommend concepts that allow one to show ideas during this phase of the project.  Corporate planning can be ‘outlined’ with addresses to those sources, costs, etc.  I just wanted one that I could deal with without too much hooplah.  I mean, unlike a corporation, I don’t have to share this phase with others for their input, but, I could if I wanted.
I’m actually still testing different apps/software to see which one might be practical.  I’ve taken a couple of them for a test spin.  Some of them are extremely detailed programs, while others are simple online web pages that you can add to and save.  
Here are a couple of them:

SU CheshireCat

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