Freebie Collaboration, “In the Merry Month of May”

Another beautiful weekend has drawn to a close.  It rained cats and dogs on Saturday.  It was great!  It was thundering and lightening and the grandchildren would come running every time there was a loud crash.  I got to scoop them up, well, throw my arms around them, at least!  LOL  Free cuddles!  We do this thing where, when in Granny’s arms, all is safe and secure.  They are always welcome to get in my arms and they take advantage of it.  That’s okay, though.  That’s the whole point.  We made a blanket fort on my bed and they played for hours in there.
I don’t believe that my back is going to let up.  This has been going on for a month and no relief has come.  I’ve tried everything I know of.  Presently, I can get in an hour, maybe two, and I have to stop and go lay down.  Talk about feeling old!  LOL  But, life goes on.  If nothing else, pretending the pain doesn’t exist and going through the motions of living life is a distraction, if only momentary. 
I sat up for a while yesterday and got my parts to this month’s collaboration with Miss Edna ready for posting.  While creating “In the Merry Month of May”, I got carried away on May’s specialty, flowers.  We give moms flowers on Mothers Day.  The Kentucky Derby, known as ‘the Run for the Roses’, takes place.  May Day celebrations were traditional festivities, adorned with flowers, along with ribbons, winding around a May Pole.  Everything is about Spring and rebirth and new life, both flora and fauna.

Below are my previews.  Click on each image to go to MediaFire to download Parts Three(3) and Four(4).  Though the previews are sorted by papers and elements, our Parts are a combination of both.  So, the ‘elements’ preview will link you to Part 3 and the ‘papers’ preview will take you to Part 4.  They’re labeled accordingly.  After downloading my Parts, there is a preview of Miss Edna’s Parts.  Click on it to go to Miss Edna’s Place to collect her two Parts.  Last week, we gave away two QP’s, Parts 1 and 2.  Then, next week, we’ll give you Parts 5 and 6.  This week’s and next week’s parts are for scrapping your own layouts.  If you missed last week’s, or if you are interested in past collaborations and freebies, all of my links are still up on mine.  I’m pretty sure Miss Edna’s links are still good, too. 
Part 3:
Part 4:
And, now, click on Miss Edna’s Preview to go to her blog for her parts:
Look at all the PRETTIES!!
That’s a’gonna do it for this week!  I sure appreciate your visit.  Enjoy the goodies!  And, don’t forget…

SU CheshireCat

4 thoughts on “Freebie Collaboration, “In the Merry Month of May”

  1. The best thing about thunder is the kids running to you! I remember that from when my nieces were little. I makes you feel so strong, knowing you can conquer their fear and well, any excuse to cuddle!Going crazy with the flowers is what May is all about! The kit is great. You and Edna did a fabulous job!


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