New Collaboration Freebie

Good morning!  Two more days of school and the children, here, will be out for the summer break!  I get so excited for them!  I remember how cool it as when I was a kid.  
It’s time for the collaboration kit that Miss Edna and I do for our friends.  This month’s theme is “Mouse Love”.  I’m going to post it, straight away.  I was up all day yesterday and I’m paying dearly for it this morning.  I need to go back to bed!  LOL
Here is a preview of my part.  Click on the image to go to MediFire for download.
Here is the preview from Miss Edna’s Place.  Click on it to go to her blog for her QP’s.
If you have been to either of our blogs for our collaborations, you already know how we do this.  If not, it is easy.  Each Monday, except the first Monday of a month, Miss Edna, of Miss Edna’s Place, and I post parts to a collaboration kit we design and create.  Each Monday, you will be able to download two(2) parts from each of us.  The first week’s download is usually a couple of ‘quick pages’ – Pts. 1 & Pts. 2.  The second Monday, we give out Pts. 3 & Pts. 4, which are scrapbooking parts for you to create your own layouts.  The last two(2) parts, the remaining scrapbooking goodies, go out on the third Monday of downloads.  When all collected, you should have six(6) parts.  If you collect my six(6) and Miss Edna’s six(6) – that’s 12 parts!  Also, all of my links to past collaborations are still up for downloading.  I am fairly certain Miss Edna’s are, too.  If you are just finding us, be sure to visit previous posts for other really fun kits/collaborations.
I have a little tutorial I want to share with you, but, I will come back and post it.  I must rest my weary back.  LOL  Do remember,
Hugs, my friends!

SU CheshireCat

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