Collab Freebies – Parts 3 and 4, Plus Vintage Links

Hi, there!  The other day I did a little web surfing and I wanted to post just a couple of links and goodies for you.  Also, for today, Miss Edna and I have some more parts for you from ‘Mouse Love’.  Before I get into links, I want to show you this.  Creative Live is offering a new two-day free course on Photoshop’s Elements 9, Tuesday, June 21 and Wednesday, June 22.Click on the ad to go to CreativeLive and sign up!

I’ll see you there!  Though I have CS5, I am always open to learning anything about PS.  I understand from some one else that Lesa is good, too!
Now, I know a lot of you love vintage.  I sure do!  I love vintage anything!  LOL  So, whilst surfing, I have come across an awesome site for vintage freebies.  JinxMim at DeviantArt has some of the nicest sets of vintage ware, steampunk, fairies, mermaids, jewelry, fashion stock, toys, birds, lanterns, you get the idea.  I don’t know just how many of you know about and/or use DeviantArt, but, it is a wealth of wonderful goodies.  One thing you must do, though, on DA.  You have to read the terms.  Some of the artists allow use of their stuff on DeviantArt only.  They post their TOU’s, so, be sure you read them.  And, everybody loves a kind word and thanks!  There are some stipulations as a rule at DA, but, it is well worth it!  And, JinxMim is a great place to go.
What got me turned on to JinxMim’s site was Design Share.  This is a good place for freebies.  They are similar to a ‘search engine’, posting some fabulous stuff, including DeviantArt goodies.  That’s rare that you find those links, but, hey, great idea!  Not only that, but the lady behind it all spells her name the same way as I do, Su, only she has the ‘umlauts’, I think they’re called – two dots, over the ‘u’.  LOL Hi, Su!  Su also keeps “Star Sunflower Studio”, so give her a visit if you like.  She has scrapbooking goodies and resources for web and digi-design.
Back to vintage, here are a few links to sites that have some great elements and/or designs for scrapbooking vintage-style:

Vintage Scrapbooking

Pressies and Musings

Reusable Art

Vinatage and Clip-Art by Clear-Cut Stock-DA

Art-e-zine – Ephemera

Box of Apples

Plan 59

Those should keep you busy!  LOL  Again, I ask that you please read the TOU’s before using any of the images/stock from the links I have shared.

Alrighty, then, moving right along…

Here are the next two(2) parts to “Mouse Love”, the June collaboration with Miss Edna’s Place.  Last week we shared two(2) parts and next week, we’ll share the last two(2) parts.  We usually do six(6) parts each, for a total of twelve(12) parts when all is collected.  Below are the previews.  Click on the elements image for Pt. 3 and the papers image for Pt. 4.  When done here, be sure to visit Miss Edna’s Place for her parts.  Click on her preview to go there.

My Part 3

My Part 4

Click on the preview to go to Miss Edna’s Place to collect her parts:


As an extra added bonus with my parts, I did some of the elements in collage sheets.  They are the elements that are the same, they just come in several colors.  Rather than tons of images, I just placed them all on the sheets for you if you want to use them.  I can get more into a kit this way.  Here is a preview of the sheets.  These are added in with the Parts, so, you will have them with those downloads.  No need for a separate download..

Finally, I searched out and found some more ‘smile’ images.  My father used to always tell me to smile.  When I was grown and living way far away, he once sent me some money with a scrap of torn paper.  On it, he had written with pen, “Think Happy, Love Pappy”  I still have that scrap of paper.  Anyway!  You all are in for some nice treats with this new bunch of images.  Let’s start with today’s:

Ya’ll have a marvelous day!

SU CheshireCat

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