New Collab Freebie & Great Links

A good Tuesday to you!  Yesterday, the US celebrated our 4th of July, so, it was a national holiday.  I understand Canada Day was yesterday, too!  In other words, the continent of North America was rockin’!  LOL  All I heard outside was fire-crackers and sirens.  I sincerely hope you all had a good weekend!  I have the g-kids home with me.  My community didn’t have fireworks like they usually do.  We had to go to a near by town to see them.  Everyone was up late!  Late = tired = let them sleep in!  LOL
I started keeping track of the links I find while visiting the net.  Before, I was jotting them down on scrap paper.  When it came time to post, I was digging around, looking for those scraps.  I got the bright idea of adding them to a ‘note’ in my “Notepad”.  What a difference!  So, I have a couple I want to give you today.
Pixel Dust Photo Art is a blog you need to visit.  I mean that.  For one thing, she offers a lot of her know how in her articles/tutorials.  She uses textures to get some of the most beautiful effects imaginable.  See what she did with the roses her hubby gave her. Her gallery is chock-full of images that have been enhanced, one way or another, and they are just plain lovely!  She sells sets of her textures, but, there are also freebies.  Those of you who are into photography, or photo-enhancement, should find some goodies they can use.  Everyone can!  Give her blog a visit and see for yourself.
Next, if you ever stumble when it comes to a nice color palette for a layout or design, let ‘Design Seeds” help you.  This blog presents you with a colorful image with the color palette extracted from it.  The combinations are beautiful!  Here is a recent example:
Click on image to visit site
I found this blog very inspiring!  You should give it a whirl!
The last one for today is Mel’s Brushes.  I know you must have already run across some of her beautiful brushes somewhere!  If not, though, her blog and the store are the center of her creativity.  Included are resources, for crafts, scrapbooking, Illustrator, and Photoshop, as well as, shapes, patterns, textures, just to mention a few topics!  Her menu bar is loaded!  A good deal of the items are free, but, even the things for purchase are an excellent deal!  Check it out!  You have to go get these brushes, below, if nothing else!  LOL
Image linked to Mel’s Brushes
Seriously, this lady has been around since I started and I’ve used plenty of her goodies.  I just never knew about the blog and store.  Here is one of her recent offerings:
Image linked to Mel’s Brushes
Vintage!  LOL  I love anything vintage!
Last week was mine and Edna’s off week for our freebie.  This week, we start back with July’s freebie, “From Sea to Shining Sea.”  It’s a fun little kit with a summer-y theme that I think you’ll enjoy.
Here is my preview, click on it to go to MediaFire for download.  Then, below that, is Miss Edna’s preview.  Click on it to go to Miss Edna’s Place for her parts today.  We give away six(6) parts each, over a three(3) Monday period.  Our first two parts are ‘quick pages’ we’ve made, then, the remaining parts are scrapping papers and elements for you to create your own layouts.  Here, then, are our previews:
Parts 1 & 2
My Preview (click to go to download)
Miss Edna’s Preview (click to go to her blog)
We posted on Tuesday, this week, due to the holiday, but, look for us back again on Monday of next week to collect the rest of this fun kit!  Until then, ya’ll have a safe and fun week!  And, remember to…

SU CheshireCat

5 thoughts on “New Collab Freebie & Great Links

  1. Design Seeds is awesome! I hadn't been to Mel's Brushes in a long time. Those vintage farm animals are sweet. Thanks so much for sharing these links and your creations hon. Btw, awesome QP with the trees, tent and birdies! I gotta get out camping with my son this summer for sure. ❤


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