Final Parts of Collab and Links

A good Monday morning to you.  I’m trying to keep it going.  It’s trying to escape me, but, I am not going to let it!  LOL  So far, this morning, my grand-daughter threw a screaming fit, first thing!  Then, I got yet another phone call from some collection firm, so they call themselves.  On a regular basis, like two to three times a week, I get a call from someone with an extreme accent, addressing me as Tommy Roberson, telling me that I owe money and they intend to collect it.  A couple of times it was a female voice, but, normally, it is a man, whose name changes with every phone call.  He’s been Mr. Smith, among other ‘generic’ names.  Today, he was Mr. Jones.  As usual, he says they have court records, so me or my attorney had better respond.  I’ve been told they are coming for me.  There will be a police man come to my door, if I don’t resolve this debt immediately.  The man always adds, “I feel very, very sorry for you, Tommy Roberson!”
This has been going on for the past 6 months.  Never mind that I am a female, not a male, so, I can’t be a Tommy.  I’ve told them I am not Tommy Roberson – repeatedly!  I’ve told them to stop calling.  They don’t care!  I’ve yelled and screamed.  I’ve begged to get them to give me their information, address, name, etc, in hopes of stopping them through legal channels.  Nope!  I don’t know who this Tommy supposedly owes this money to, or even how much and they won’t tell me.  The demands still come.  This morning, I called the number back, pretended I was Tommy’s lawyer and asked for their address.  They finally gave me: 42 Broadway, Fifth Floor, NY, NY 10044.  I’ll give that to my attorney.  He’s aching to get hold of these scammers.  Meantime, I found a really loud, shrill whistle.  I can’t wait for them to call again!  Muwahahaha!
On a much lighter note, this weekend, I found a cool site I want to share with you, Black Cat Photography.  If you like Photography, you’ll appreciate this one.  There are loads of tutorials, although, they are in Spanish, with some translation.  What I enjoyed was the number of textures and actions that are free.  This site features “Textures of the World”.   It’s a series of useful textures based on the colors and textures from different countries around this beautiful world of ours.  Here is the most recent example:
Click image to go to site
Go, check it out.  You can always use BabelFish or another translator, if you would like to be able to read all the content.  It sounds like a pain, but, well worth it.  I did that and it was easy.  Just go to Babel and enter the URL of the site, then, click on the languages selection that fits best.  In this one, I selected ‘Spanish to English’.  Be informed, though, that links on the translated page may not work.  It is necessary to click on the Spanish version’s links.  It’s a translation thing, I guess. 
I also found a site named “Maybemej”.   It’s similar to the previous site, as far as content and subject.  They offer textures, actions, brushes, and frames.   The webmistress has loads of goodies she shows how to make, coming up with some really cute ideas.  There is some foreign text, Swedish, I believe, but, most of it is translated.  The site is quite personable with lots of photos of her children on which she applies her techniques.  What I enjoyed, too, is that she does what I do – she visits a site, then, posts about it.  She shows a lot of goodies with links to the sites.  That was nice. 
Then, I found a link to Chris Wahl Art Brushes.  There is one role of this blog and it is to give away this dude’s brushes.  They aren’t just fancy brushes, either!  There are fifteen(15) brush sets, but, the last post at the top features all of them in one bundle.  Here are two of the examples:

For me, one who likes to ‘paint in’ color and textures, they are right up my alley.  They’re good brushes, not blurry or messy.  Give them a try.  You may like them!
And, with that, I give you this week’s freebies.  This is the third and final installment of “From Sea to Shining Sea”, a collaboration with Miss Edna’s Place.  All previous downloads are still available, if you are new to this.  Below, are my previews.  Though separated into ‘papers and elements’, the previews lead to Part 5 and Part 6.  Be sure you click on each.  Following those, there is Miss Edna’s preview.  Click on it and be taken to her blog for her two parts.  I hope you enjoy.  Come again next month for August’s collaboration and more free downloads.
Part 5
Part 6
Miss Edna’s Preview
So, there you have it.  Another week in the life of me.  LOL  As always, don’t forget

SU CheshireCat

12 thoughts on “Final Parts of Collab and Links

  1. I really love the font your website is written in! Have been looking around for a match but no luck. would love to know it's name. My E-mail does'nt want to work right so I'm using this to ask if you could mention the name sometime. I would really appreciate knowing. Thanks for your time.


  2. Haha, that whistle sounds like a really good plan!! Mwahahahaha! Hey just a FYI, the chrome browser does automatic translation suggestion as soon as you enter a foreign page. That photography site is super cool! Some nice goodies over there. Beautiful post as usual & thanks so much for sharing your goodies with us! 🙂 ::hugs:: Sü


  3. I just found you and would love to download Parts 1 and 2 of Free Spirit. I have 3-6. Any chance of it still being available? Love your work and look forward to future post. THANKS!


  4. Hello!Thanks for your nice comeets on my art work–left a “thank you” comment in the group for you too! So glad I stopped by to visit you–went to your Flickr Photostream and had to leave a bunch of comments! I love your art work! So you'll recognize me–I'm lacegirl on my Flickr Account! Really glad your path crossed mine!Have a blessed day!Thanks again, Kym


  5. Forgot to tell you but I am a 60's hippie chick too! Weren't those the best years? I really miss those days! Even in such a turbulat time, people knew how to treat one another with kindness and respect–so different in today's society! Growing up in the 60's was so different from what the kids of today are growing up in! I Wish my kids could know the carefree days of my childhood! So simple and easy!Love and Peace!Kym


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