New Collab Freebie, ‘Tropical Sunset,’ and a Tut

Hello, everyone!  How are you this fine, sunny morn?  I woke up with an horrible pain in my right hip.  Geez!  I’m hobbling around here, in slow speed.  What a pain!  I had things to do!  LOL  C’est la vie!
I’ve been doing a whole bunch of writing lately.  A friend of mine has a website.  He is a pc repair guy and website builder.  It’s very new.  He needed some content supporting the ‘design’ aspect of his site in order to get sponsors with ads relating to web-design, pc’s, etc.  He asked me if I would contribute to it to help him out.  
At the same time, I have been doing a segment over at Digital Whisper in PS101.  Yeah, me.  LOL  I’ve written sections on the Layers Palette and the general ‘workspace’ in Photoshop, so far, plus various other assorted ‘Secrets’ for a group by the same name.  I used the same content for my friend’s site as the DW articles are private.  You just have to be a member, but, it is rather ‘protected’.   The chances of a designer reading it at my friend’s site, then, again on DW are practically nil.
I tried to do a good job on all of it.  I have screen shots and step-by-step instructions where needed.  One of the tutorials is something you all might be interested in.  If you want to give it a read, you can go visit the site,, then, click on “Graphic Design” on the left-hand side.  There are two tuts; the one for brushes is awesome, I think!  I just learned it recently and it has changed the way I work.
This week is the first release of the new August freebie kit that Miss Edna, from Miss Edna’s Place, and I have done, “Tropical Sunset”.  Each month, for a year next month, I believe, Miss Edna and I collaborate on a kit, decide the them and the colors, create, then, post what we do in three(3) weekly installments.  We give two(2) ‘parts’ away each week.  So, four(4) parts each week for three(3) weeks = twelve(12) parts when you collect them from both of us.  And, I repeat, they’re FREE!  LOL
“Tropical Sunset”
Below are the previews for my first two(2) parts, which is a set of QP’s.  Then, next Monday you’ll find two(2) more parts and the same the following Monday.  The parts for the next two weeks are scrapbooking goodies so you can design your own layout pages.  Click on the preview to go to to download my parts.  They’ll be in one file.
Then, here is Miss Edna’s preview.  Click on it to go to her blog for her QP’s today, too.  She’s done a beautiful job on them!
Aren’t they nice!  I love the jewelry look!  I sure hope ya’ll enjoy them.
That’s gonna do it for this week.  I’ve got to get up out of this chair!  LOL  I’m heading for my bed and the heating pad!  Sounds exciting, eh?
You know what?
I hope you

SU CheshireCat

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