I stopped in for a couple of thing.  The first is the “Paper and Pixels” magazine.  If you’ve not heard of it, you really need to check it out.  The magazine is full, and I mean full, of all kinds of free goodies and ‘how to’s’, ideas and inspiration, and instructions for both, hybrid and digital creating.  
I need to add that, beginning next month, there will be a subscription fee, for operating expenses, but, it is very minimal.  I believe it is $12.00 a year, or, $1.50 a month, if you want to buy it monthly.  Wait until you see this month’s issue, then, decide.  I always find several projects to work on.  The downloads are wonderful!  You do have to register at the P and P forum to download it, but, that is where you will find all of the goodies to use with the magazine’s projects.  You get a lot, so, in my humble opinion, it is so worth it!!
Here are a few of the projects:

For the remaining goodies and the e-zine, go see Paper and Pixels.

Photobucket SU CheshireCat

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