Fall Festival Freebie and Links

Good Monday to you!  It’s a new month and, so, we have a new kit for you.  Autumn is my favorite time of the year.  It’s cool, here, this morning.  I think it around 45 degrees out.  I know!  For many, that’s a heat wave.  For Floridians, it’s the first time we can shut off our air conditioners.  Savings!  LOL  My last utility bill was over 400 dollars!  That is outrageous!  
Halloween is fast approaching, too!  It’s fun dressing up the children and seeing them trick-or-treating.  To me, the whole year is hinged on these few weeks.  Historically, this is the time of the harvest.  This is when we reap what we have sown.  People give thanks for a bountiful crop and healthy livestock.  Festivities abounded the world over.  This was the time when folks stocked up for the long, cold winter months.  Long ago, your goal was to have enough from the harvest to endure these months.  What you didn’t grow, you traded or bartered to get.  Obviously, you dealt only with other local folks, assuring the freshness and quality.  These occasions are what maintained a sense of community.  What a long way we have come, eh?  Now, it is almost a novel concept to ‘buy locally’.  Do you know where your head of lettuce came from?  Maybe humanity is coming full-circle.  Localized trade and resources are the goal, these days.  Our ancestors could teach us a few things. 
True to the season, I found a cute website that you will get a kick out of.  ‘Haunted Portraits’ is a trip!  I can’t give you an example here, but, you’ll see why if you go there.  Check out the menu panel for all of it!  It is fun!
Textures are addictive!  Anyone who has ever applied a texture with an ‘Overlay’ or ‘Multiply’ Blending Mode will attest to this.  They can change the entire theme of an image or piece.  I’ve shown quite a few folks’ websites who deal in textures, but, I guarantee they are only the tip of the iceberg.  I keep one eye out for them while perusing the web.  So, it came as no surprise to stumble upon another one.  This one is different.  Free Textures at ‘Hadania’s Blogspot’ is unique.  Across the top are choices in which to view the textures, such as ‘Classic’, ‘Flip-Card’, ‘Magazine’, ‘Mosaic’, etc.  The link I give is for the ‘Classic’ view, which sets up the textures in a blog-type format.  ‘Flip-Card’ shows collections.  Click on one and a page will open up with all the textures in that collection or artist.  As for the textures, they are some of the best I have seen!  Some have been ‘pre-made’, in that there is some design or pattern in them.  Others are just the textures.  Either way, they are NICE!  Here is one of the textures with a floral theme blended in.
And, one without any ‘theme’.
You really must check out these Free Textures!!
Want to take a little trip down Memory Lane?  Then ‘Museum of Childhood’ is what you want!  They have collections of antique toys, games to play and neat things for children to make.  The Museum is a place you can go to at the Victoria and Albert Museum, if you live nearby.  The online pages give but a glimpse into what they have at the museum, but, it is awesome!  Give it a glance!
The last link I leave you with is special to me.  If you like anything ‘Victoriana’, then, this is your Nirvana!  LOL  Victoriana is a magazine that exhibits and goes into anything from the Victorian age.  What I liked is that there are ‘e-books’ that you can download, for free, on a variety of topics.  I clicked on the ‘Blog’ menu item to see what they had.  That led me to an article on Fabric Swatchbooks.  They feature vintage fabrics that are gorgeous!  At the end of the article, they credit ‘PowerHouseMuseum’, with their ‘Electronic Swatchbook’ as their source.  Select a year and/or colors and they give you fabric swatches for it.  Their large, easy for downloading.  They list their swatches as ‘Public Domain’ in Australia. You really should check it out!
Okay, I lied!  LOL  I’m giving you one more.  This one has a bunch of Photoshop goodies!  Camxso’s DeviantArt site has a great assortment of patterns, brushes and shapes.  There are also ‘scrapbooking’ goodies.  You really must check it out!
So, we come to the monthly kit/freebie.  Miss Edna and I have been busy again, this time with ‘Fall Festival’.  Today, we are giving you a couple of Quick Pages(QP’s) to use.  They are Pts 1 and 2.  Then on following Mondays for the next couple of weeks, we’ll give you the elements and papers, the kit in 4 more parts, for you to create your own layouts.  Below are the previews.  Click on mine and you’ll be taken to the download page at Minus.com.  Then, Miss Edna’s preview will take you to her blog for her parts.  If you are interested in previous freebies, all of mine are still up. Be sure to come back for more!
Mine(Pts 1 and 2)
Both QP’s are in the zip.  
Miss Edna’s Place Preview
So, that will do it for now.  Do come back for the rest of the kit.  I think you’ll find it a little different than many of the Halloween-themed goodies out there, tho, there are some awesome goodies!
Until the next time…

SU CheshireCat

3 thoughts on “Fall Festival Freebie and Links

  1. Hi Su!Wow, been a long time since I entered a little message. First have to thank you for yours, recently.Now be sure that not commenting by me, means I am not visiting your blog. I love to read about all your finds around the internet and used and still use several links. I am a bit addicted to textures, too, LOL, and use them more and more.This last one has some great ones too! So thanks for your neverending endurance to be on the search.Must take a look at that Victoriana link. I also love vintage and victorian as you do, so should be a MUST for me.Happy to read that overall you are doing allright. What to say more about that? Just try to keep the spirit up, and I know, the body doesn;t always cooperates with that, Mind says”oh I want to do this or that”and Body says”hold on, not today, I am older than you think in your mind”ROFL!! But if we don't try, we should give in too easily.Hope I brought a little smile to your face with this rambling.Have a lovely day and rest of the week.HugsKyra


  2. What a lovely post Su! I love your paragraph about “harvest”. I so vibe with that and often long for the community sort of vibe. I used to go to the farmer's market pretty often when I lived on the West side of Michigan. I don't get to the farmer's market quite as much anymore. We do from time to time buy produce and such from local Amish folks in my area. I love it when we can do this!Your links are great. I love the texture blog. You and Miss Edna definitely stay busy! Your kits are so cuuute! I don't know how you keep up with it all. ::hugs::


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