Freebie Collab Parts for Fall Festival

Good Monday, everyone!  I hope everyone is doing well.  It’s all good on this end.  That’s what I keep telling myself, at least.  Positive thinking!  LOL  I finally got fed up with Firefox.  Geez!  I don’t know if any one of you has had problems with the most recent updated versions.  Everything from about 5.0 on up has been awful!  They constantly froze up and the last one crashed around 4 – 8 times a day!  I am using Google Chrome now and it seems good.  It’s hard changing old habits, though.  Downloading is different.  The toolbars across the top are, too.  But, I’m getting it.  I would get so frustrated with FF.  So, we shall see with Chrome.  
Chrome doesn’t seem to be very compatible with Yahoo mail.  Either that, or, it has to do with their recent mail over-haul.  G-mail would make a lot more sense, but, good grief!  When you’ve had the same e-mail address for forever, I don’t even know what all would be involved!  LOL  I checked to see if you can forward Yahoo mail.  You can if you subscribe to their Mail Plus for 20 dollars a year!  I’m not ready to pay Yahoo 20 dollars just so I can receive all my mail at G-mail!  With G-mail, it’s free!  Every piece of mail I get with G-mail gets delivered to my Yahoo inbox.  It was something you can select in the ‘Settings’.  It was nice.  Yahoo will import, but, it will cost ya for them to export!  Bummer!  LOL
So anyway!  I’ve always been thrilled with those roadside produce stands you see in the fall.  Apple cider, gourds, pumpkins, pies, all kinds of autumn-y goodies!  It is rather like the county fairs that seem to pop up all over the place in the fall.  Ours is usually the same week as Halloween.  So, apple pies and Ferris wheels, quilts and blue ribbon jellies and jams!  Mmmmmm!  I love that stuff!  I love autumn!  This kit is a reflection of that.  I didn’t do so much Halloween-y stuff.  (I’m thinking of doing a mini(yeah, right!) kit for ya’ll!)  But, I made up for it in popcorn wagons and livestock!  LOL  I sure hope ya’ll like it and enjoy it!  I had a blast making it!  I’m sure Edna did, too!

Here are the next 2 parts of my collaboration with Miss Edna’s Place.  I have a confession to make.  I had forgotten to place the little tag I put on the preview that says it is a collaboration with Miss Edna’s Place.  I went and fixed these previews.  But, the previews inside the zipped files were zipped and uploaded already, so, just keep that in mind.  This kit is a collaboration.  Sorry ’bout that!  LOL  Anyway, as usual, we give away 2 parts a week on the first three(3) Mondays for a total of 6 parts a month – each.  Last Monday we gave away the 2 QP’s for Pt 1 and Pt 2.  That is the post right before this one.  (All of my links are still posted, too, if you want to go back and see what you might like that you’ve missed.)  These are the kit parts, the papers and elements.  These are for you to create your own layouts.  Click on my element preview, the first one, to get Pt 3, and my paper preview for Pt 4.  Below that, you’ll see Miss Edna’s preview. Click on it to go to her blog to download her two parts.  
Pt 3

Pt 4

And, last, but certainly not least, Miss Edna’s Place’s preview:(Click to go to Miss Edna’s blog.)

I still have so much much fun making these kits!  I hope ya’ll have some when using them!  Thanks, you guys! See ya next week, if not sooner.  Until then…


SU CheshireCat

5 thoughts on “Freebie Collab Parts for Fall Festival

  1. Hi Su, I use Firefox too, and yeah, it freezes up quite a lot, I HATE that. But I am holding on. So used to it. I didn;t use Google Chrome yet, as always I am reluctant to use something I don;t know ROFL.Also have IE so if Firefox is too messy, can use that. What cheaky of Yahoo to ask money for exporting mails!G-mail is working fine and easy to use. Glad I found that some time ago.Hold on to the things you love to do, that will keep you on the “positive side”, I hope.Sometimes isn;t easy to have a positive look on life, cause it can deliver hard times to you, specially at moments you don;t need that hahahaha.Hope you're health isn;t playing too many tricks with you.All the best, have a lovely dayHugsKyra


  2. Your collab kit is so cute! I really like all of the fun goodies you and Edna put together for everyone! Btw I ♥ farmer's markets and road side stands as well!Su I had the same problem with firefox. For me it doesn't crash if I don't load any flash. I think my partner installed a flash blocker for his. I use chrome for the most part these days with the exception of when I'm using firebug and fireftp for web development. One thing I have not been able to get used to is chrome's bookmark manager. I use an addon called xmarks that syncs bookmarks between browsers. I organize my bookmarks in firfox and the changes reflect on all browsers the addon is installed for. Chrome also does not handle rss feeds very well at all. I posted a while back about an addon, and I am not sure if I fixed/updated the post. There's an addon that I've found to work very well for it. It puts a little RSS icon up in the address bar so you can subscribe to a feed. Google doesn't read RSS feeds natively, so if you click on an RSS button, if the blog isn't using feedburner there's no way to subscribe. Here's the addon if you are interested in it Google Reader RSS Subscriber.Also, the RSS button disappeared from the newer versions of firefox. You have to manually add it from the “customize toolbar” area. Ok sorry about the short book here in the comments. lol! ::hugs::


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