Final Parts of ‘Fall Festival’ Collab and Links

Good Monday, All!  I couldn’t get out of my nice warm bed this morning!  LOL  It was a little cooler last night and it felt so good to nestle down in the covers.  Alas, one can’t spend the day in bed, so, I made it up and to the coffee maker.  Now, I sit before my pc, bundled in my throw, sipping a good cuppa!  Mmmmm!  LOL
This is, by far, my absolute favorite time of year.  I hate it when it is super hot out!  It is a heck of a lot easier to get warm, bundling up, than it is to get cool if it’s hot.  In my old wooden house, one that is built up off the ground about a foot, it gets cold!  Air circulates up under and the floors stay cold.  My family has been the recipients of many a pair of slippers or booties through the years.  My husband used to have a big ol’ fluffy pair of ‘Gumby’ slippers.  
The cats loved them!  Gots to keep the feets warm!  LOL
I have a few links for ya, mostly scrapbooking!  I dunno.  You may already know of these.  But, just in case.  Then, we’ll get on with the freebie.  First up is Zirconium Scraps.  Sophia makes some pretty goodies!  She has these Deco Elements that are to die for!  There’s a beautiful Autumn kiit there and some very pretty Victorian sets, too
You really must check them out!
Another nice scrapping site is JennyArt.  There are some wonderful sets of goodies free to download for you.  Much of the content is in Czech, but, there is English where it is crucial.  Give it a visit.  I think you’ll be pleased.
Another one is One Cel.  Here, you’ll find quite a nice selection of pretties.  There are Circus, Super Heroes and Wedding sets if you are interested.  They’re pretty!
One last link for you.  This one is HG Designs.  There are brushes that are different.  There are also some freebie ‘packs’ that contain a myriad of elements for CU/PU use.  Check it out!
Oops!  I meant to show you something from DeviantArt!  Inspyretash-Stock is the place to visit there!  The list of contents, by categories, will give you a little idea as to what all she has there.  If you don’t check out any of the other links, do take a look at this one!  She has EVERYTHING!!  LOL
Hopefully, there is something for you at some of these sites.  Personally, I think it’s neat to visit these sites, see what the person is into, a little slice of another person’s life.  I find that fascinating! 
Alrighty, then!  Here is the last two parts for “Fall Festival’.  Miss Edna and I give away freebie kits three(3) Mondays out of each month.  Click on my previews to download each of my two(2) parts, then, click on Miss Edna’s preview to go to her blog for her two(2) parts.  The first Monday is QP’s for you.  Then, the next two Mondays bring you the elements and papers so you can create your own layouts.  That’s a total of six(6) parts from each of us, totaling twelve(12) parts!  All of my previous kits are still posted and available.  Just check them out and enjoy!
Part 5
Part 6
Miss Edna’s Parts/Blog
And, that’s a gonna do it for this month’s goodies!  Next month’s is already on the hard drive; well, almost.  Because of the season, I am also working on something else which I will bring you shortly.  Muwahahahaha!!  LOL  I sure do hope you enjoy what we have to offer.  Until next time…
Enjoy these beautiful Autumn days!

SU CheshireCat

3 thoughts on “Final Parts of ‘Fall Festival’ Collab and Links

  1. Those gumby slippers are just too cute for words! It has been getting cold here in Central Michigan as well. We have some floor drafts too. My partner poked his eyelid really bad while breaking up some sticks for the wood burner yesterday. Just after that one of our friends stopped by and dropped us off a trailer full of wood ends from an Amish sawmill, woot! Thanks neighbor! That'll keep us toasty for a while. Thanks so much for sharing the scrapbooking links. I was not aware of most of them. Your fall festival papers are too cute! I love the one with the little bonnet girl and boy. Simply adorable!! ::hugs:: Sü


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