Essential Gore Freebie

Greetings, all!  I have been promising you all a goodie and I am back tonight to deliver.  In celebration of Hallowe’en, I made a set for ya’ll.  I don’t call it a kit, because the parts aren’t meant to match each other.  It is just a collection of things, both papers and elements.  You might say that I have been working on this set of goodies for two or three years now.  I started with a concept a few years ago and just played with it, here and there, since.  This month, with Hallowe’en on the way, I spent more time on it and got it to where I think I can let it go.  LOL 
Before you all start worrying about me, this is my ‘dark side’ showing through.  Lots of us have a dark side.  It is that place that we hide from others, except maybe those close to us.  It is that part of us that allows one’s self to think bad thoughts.  We’d never act on any of those thoughts – they’re just there.  I see them as a kind of counter-balance to my ‘good’ side.  My dark side is my phobias and my fears.  It’s the memories of things that hurt, or really affected me, yet, normally, I don’t like to recall.  It’s secrets and hushed tones.  Ya’ll know what I mean!  
It may sound crazy, but, expressing this darkness with my craft, yields more creativity.  I think that is why I have worked on it for so long.  When I needed an outlet, I would play around with the elements or add a bit more texture to a paper.  I was noticing how much better I have become with a couple of years of experience in Photoshop.  There are a couple of items in here that I did in the very beginning that aren’t all that great!  They will do, though!  LOL  I don’t know what I will do now that it is done.  LOL  I suppose I’ll start another!
There isn’t anything in this set that will be disgusting to anyone, I hope.  It’s just a lot of blood, tombstones, bats, you know, blood and gore.  There are some whimsical goodies, as well.  I separated the papers from the elements for the previews, but, clicking on either one will take you to for download.  At, there are 4(four) parts for you to download.  Click on either the list of files or use the arrows to the side to scroll to the next download link.  I really hope you enjoy!
That’s all I have for today.  I will see you next time!  Until then…

SU CheshireCat

6 thoughts on “Essential Gore Freebie

  1. Wow you did an amazing job on this set!! Everything is super cool! The papers look super awesome – I like the ones with the darkened edges. The one with the moon is my fave! Lol, those ghouls playing music in the graveyard made me lol for real!!


  2. Wow! What an awesome Halloween treat! I love ththis pack and can't wait to create something spooky from it! Thanks so much for creating this spooky but luscious eye candy digi pack! You are such a sweet person and so thoughtful to share your designs with everyone! Thanks so much for your kind support and a big appreciation goes to you for all of the wonderful things you do to inspire everyone you know to reach beyond the stars, imagine thier dreams, and always to create beyond any boundaries to set ourselves free!


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