Want to have some real fun!?!?  Switch e-mail accounts!  LOL  I’m switching my e-mail account from Yahoo, where I have been since I’ve been online, to G-Mail, where I have an account that I use occasionally.  For some reason, “A Comedy of Errors” comes to mind!  LOL
A month or so ago, Yahoo came out with their new ‘UpGraded’ mail account.  Ha!!  Ha!!  Ha!!  Ever since, the e-mails take for ever to load, then, half of them don’t and you have to “ReTry”.  I even tried switching to Chrome, to no avail.  I don’t know about anyone else, but, to go through a list of new e-mails should be a piece of cake.  It used to be!  I would delete, right off, those that I knew I didn’t want.  Then, I could start at the top of a page and zoom through, taking care of the easy stuff, saving to read later the remaining messages of interest to me.  I could knock out a page of 50 messages in, oh, about 10 minutes, providing there weren’t any real distractions along the way.  Now, I’m lucky to get through 2 messages in that same amount of time. 
The first dozen times this ‘hang-up’ happened, I went straight to the ‘Help’ pages to see why.  I would get a message number or something with each error, so, I sought that out.  Their excuses were lame, but, their remedies even lamer!  They directed me to log out of my Yahoo account, clear my cache, reboot my system, then, log back in.  I’ve done that so many times I can do it in my sleep!  FOr someone who doesn’t work outside the home, I am a busy person!  I don’t have the time, nor the patience, to sit and wait for Yahoo to do their thing.  So, I finally had enough!
Both e-mail servers have ‘forwarding’ features than enable the user to forward their e-mail from one mail server to another.  At Yahoo, you have to have their premium account to be able to export them, but, importing is free.  At G-Mail, there is a feature that lets you import another mail in to it, but, guess what?  It doesn’t work with Yahoo, because of some POP thingy.

SU CheshireCat

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