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“When I Grow Up” Freebie for You

Check it out!  LOL  It’s a Saturday and here I am!  LOL  I have a little something I want to share with all of you.  It’s a mini-kit, made with some beautiful elements from Addie’s Designs over at Cool Scrap Digital.  I’ve been a long-time reader of CSD’s excellent newsletters.  They’re chock-full of goodies.  This month, though, I noticed the challenges.  This challenge that I participated in was the ‘CU Pack for a PU FREEBIE Challenge (NOV11-DEC11)’, hosted by none other than Addie herself!
If Cool Scrap Digital is new for you, go to their site and see what they offer. In addition to some awesome designers and great scrappin’ supplies, they have quite a lively forum!

Addie gave us an assortment of elements, a castle, a couple of unicorns, some baubles and, well, you have to download it to see.  We were to make a PU Mini-Kit, a QP, a Layout, whatever with them.  I chose to do a mini-Kit, which, if you know me at all by now, it is NOT mini!  It is three(3) parts, but, they are all right at 30mbs each.
Click on the preview to go to to download.  From the window you arrive at, you can click on the arrows at the bottom to go to each Part, until you collect all Three(3).  Please, this is for Personal Use only.

I’ve been real busy, but, that means I have been very productive!  LOL  Monday, there are two more Parts for the collaboration with Miss Edna’s Place, “Home for the Holidays”.  Then, I will be sharing some more goodies with you.  
Until then,

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New Freebie, ‘Home for the Holidays’ and Vintage Links

Good Monday, All!  Boy, oh, boy!  Christmas is flying at us at the speed of lights!  LOL  Just under three weeks away, it will soon be all over.  Christmas is a really hard time for me, but, I won’t go into that here.  Just suffice to say, it isn’t my happiest time of year, even with my birthday a mere two days before the big day.      
On to other things, I found a website, or maybe I should say, ‘a series of websites’ that I hadn’t ever seen before.  I’m probably the last person to find out about them!  LOL  But, in case they are new to you, too, I offer you ‘Images by Kim’.  She has her store, where you can purchase all the necessary, and not so necessary, items for both digital and hybrid crafting and scrappin’.  I might add, too, that her prices are fabulous!  Her collage sheets are priced a bit lower some of the other shops.  Then, there is her blog, ‘Art and Images By Kim’.  Here, you will find Kim’s posts on ‘Altered’ Art, including, but, not limited to, tutorials, examples and resources that are free to use.  In the right-hand side bar there are links to her ‘free’ images, or, go to that page here.  You are really in for a treat!  She has all kinds of collage sheets, ephemera and vintage images!  Here’s just a sampling:

And, that doesn’t even do justice to her things!  You really must see them for yourself!
Everything I have to share with you all today is ‘vintage’.  Another interesting website that I found is the Vintage Ad Browser.  On these pages you can find advertisement ephemera, organized by decade.  Here’s a couple from Coca-Cola:
Even if you don’t use the images for your crafting, some of them are really neat to look at!  Give it a visit and see!
Have you ever visited the Smithsonian?  If you’ve never been, you can still reap some of the benefits of that amazing place!  ‘Galaxy of Images’ from the Smithsonian Institution, features some of the museum’s images.  The variety is endless, so, I won’t try to list what they have there, but, it is phenomenal!

Vintage book pages, vintage ads, and all kinds of old images are shown in the Smithsonian’s massive collections.  It’s a cool site!  Check it out!
That’s going to have to do it for today.  Otherwise, I’ll never get this posted for you all to have your newest freebie from Miss Edna and I.  We have the first two parts, the QP’s, for our December collaboration, ‘Home for the Holidays’.  When I think of Christmas season, I think of baking together in the kitchen and old, handmade ornaments my children made me in school.  I think of home.  That is what inspired this collection.  Memories are our look into the past and those things we have reserved to cherish.  They represent our own stories, if you will.  While some things are fairly standard for all, each of us has our own special memories that we have maintained, and often embellished, that identify who we are.  We get a sense of comfort from the home-spun memories we carry with us.  What do your memories feel like? 
Every month, Miss Edna and I create a freebie kit to give away.  We do our give-aways on Mondays, usually starting with the second Monday of each month.  We give away two parts each per week, for three weeks, for a total of twelve parts.  All of my past freebies are still up and I believe Miss Edna’s might be, as well.  So, feel free to go back and find all you like.
Below is my preview.  Click on it to go to to download.  Both QP’s are in one file, so, this is Pts 1 and 2.  Then, click on Miss Edna’s preview to go to her blog for her two QP’s.  They’re sure pretty!
Pts 1 and 2

 Miss Edna’s Preview

There you have it!  Be sure to come back next Monday for more of this cute kit.  Until then, 
Click here for more graphics and gifs!

Give yourself a reason to smile!

SU CheshireCat