New Freebie – Ladies’ Night Out: Pts 1 and 2

Good Monday, all!  I hope all is well with everyone.  I’m hanging in there.  Getting through, then, past the holidays was hard.  We made it, though.  Another whole year and we do it all again.  Not!  I can’t do this anymore!  I hate the holidays and every year, I think, this year will be better.  It just seems like they get worse!  I’m a very emotional person and I am in a ‘state’ the entire month of December and into January.  This year, maybe I will just go somewhere that month.  LOL  The moon?  I dunno.  I just know I cannot keep doing things the way we’ve done them in the past.  So, my project(s) this year is/are working on improving every aspect of my life that I can.  
I’m not a drinker, but, there is a slogan I learned:  God, grant me the serenity to change the things I can, the courage to accept the things I can’t, and the wisdom to know the difference.  Those words are so true to what I need to do.  Sometimes, I feel like I am ‘kicking a dead horse’, with some of the things I attempt to do.  Other times, I keep putting up with something that could be changed and I don’t.  I just keep putting up with it.  What I need to do is to make changes in some areas and accept things in others.  THAT is why I need the wisdom!  I guess everyone needs to do this.  This ought to be an interesting year, none the less!  LOL
I hope ‘Santa’ was good to you!  I got an external hard drive – another one.  I’ve filled two and I’m on the third.  LOL  Considering I have memberships to half a dozen sites with downloads, it’s no wonder!  Some memberships I have are those I’ve won.  Then, I pay for a couple, too, because I got a great deal or something.  LOL  I don’t think I pay full price for any of them.  That’s the way to do it, thought.  
I’ve been collecting some stock images, as well as, design-related goodies for Photoshop.  I use them to do photo-manipulations.  If you are ever interested, I have a DeviantArt account where I post the art I create.  I have definitely learned a lot more from doing photo-manips than scrapping.  But, I just love scrapping!
I apologize that I got this posted so late, well, for me.  I had pc problems this morning.  I tried uploading the zip to Minus, then, Box, then, 4Shared.  You know I was desperate to have tried 4Shared even!  LOL  I couldn’t get the file uploaded and it was these QP’s!  I notified Edna and then, started searching for a reason.  I think I got it.  I found something about a corrupt ActiveX file in my research.  So, I downloaded and installed an updated version.  I think it must have worked because I am able to upload now. Whatev!  LOL
So, this week starts a new collaboration with Miss Edna and I.  God Bless Her!  She had to call me and ‘shake me to’ a couple of times when I got overwhelmed.  She’s an awesome listener and always seems to know just what to say that will give me hope.  Thank you, Edna!  This month’s kit is “Ladies Night Out”.  It is a fun little kit with goodies that will appeal to the party scene or the ladies who love to have fun!  I think you will like it!  Today, as is our custom, we give you two(2) parts.  Then, each week, on Mondays, we give you two(2) more parts, for a total of three weeks.  The first parts are two(2) Quick Pages.  Then, subsequent parts will be design elements for you to make your own layouts.
Today, we give you Quick Pages.  Click on my preview below to go to the download.  Then, click on Miss Edna’s preview  to go to her blog for hers.  Have fun and enjoy!
Parts 1 & 2

Miss Edna’s Preview (Click to go to her blog)

Do come back next Monday!  Until then…


SU CheshireCat

4 thoughts on “New Freebie – Ladies’ Night Out: Pts 1 and 2

  1. Oh Su my holiday was really intense this year as well! Sending you big HUGS if that helps any! We are going to be moving very very soon, and it's a long story. I am hoping and praying that everything works out ok. Most of our things are going in storage. The good news is that hopefully wherever we go, we'll have faster broadband!!! I'm so glad you got your upload thing fixed! Both yours and Edna's QPs are sooo beautiful!! I love them! Thanks so much for sharing 🙂 ❤


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