Blog Changes and a Freebie

Good Tuesday, All!  You may notice I have been heeding Tom’s advice on my blog.  It was hard not to, since he gave such wonderful feedback.  I placed all of the blinkies, which once filled my side-bar, to a page all their own.  There is now a button, labeled ‘Blinkies’ in their place.  Click on it and go see all the wonderful friends and associates of mine.  
Next, I created a few more ‘Pages’.  These may be accessed from the ‘Menu Bar’ across the top of the page, right under the header.
‘Resources’ is for Photoshop pre-sets, such as brushes, styles, actions, etc, as well as textures, vectors, etc.  If it is used in Photoshop, those links are here.  In fact, this page has been here for a while now.  
‘Stock Resources’, is a listing of such sites as ‘Flickr’, ‘StockExchange’, ‘Deposit Photos’, etc.  These are sites that specialize in stock photos.  I have found a bunch of them!  I believe these are all free, too.  
‘Deviant-Art Stock Providers’ is just that. DA artists are often left out of ‘resource lists’ and they shouldn’t be.  A lot of lists mention DA, as a whole, but, rarely go into each of the artists/providers.  This list will be helpful if you like to do photo-manipulations, or want to incorporate artsy images/elements into a project.  DA is an artsy community, so, much of their offerings are geared towards art.  You can find patterns, brushes, actions, textures, and whatever else you need to be creative. 
Artistic Spirit is a page of my artwork.  My digital interests are split between Scrapbooking and my art.  Including both on my blog is something I have been wanting to do for a while.  While I just started this page, I haven’t posted but a few pieces.  I intend to add more.  I have them!  LOL
By creating separate pages for much of the content that was crammed into a skinny, little side-bar, I feel I have made the links easier to see and use.  They have become the ‘feature’, rather than a side note.  Accordingly, this left my blog posts much easier to see and read.    Next, I wanted to change out my blog’s design.  I have always loved the cluttered look as I am a kind of ‘sentimental and have to keep it near me’ sort of person.  I don’t necessarily horde things, but, I like to put things out to see and admire.  I also like bold colors.  But, there is a time and place for them.  Tom made a point to me and that was that the ‘content’ was paramount.  My own remark was that it did seem ironic to post all these links and banners to other folks blogs when I wanted folks to notice my posts.  I totally support the folks whose links I have posted!  I didn’t eliminate them entirely either.  I just moved them to place all their own!  This radically cleaned up my page!  
I left a few things in my side-bar: the RSS Feed, About Me, the Archives List, Followers, Labels, etc., all blog function related info.  I left only a couple of personal things, such as the DeviantArt banner and one group badge for Digital Whisper.  While I am proud to be associated with many wonderful sites, to me, that may not be something other folks are interested in.  They want to see what I have to offer them.  All the links to the sites I like are still here, just on their own page now. 
I went with a simple blog template.  Now, my posts literally ‘pop’!  Well, I think so.  LOL  The soft color is soothing to the eye.  While I was on eye-appeal, I took Tom’s advice and changed out my font.  I admit, it was hard to read.  I am pleased with the results.  
The next thing to work on is my header.  I have been experimenting with different ones.  I am still not sure what I want, but, I want it to reflect my own artistic personality.  You may see something different up there from time to time.
So, that is where I am.  Working on the blog will, hopefully, be good for readership, but, it has also been a good project for me while I am going through adjustments.  Working ‘behind the scenes’, so to speak, has been therapeutic.  It gives me time to be ‘pro-active’, rather than ‘re-active’ to my world.  I’ve not really been ‘here’ lately.  I don’t feel I am able to give anyone my all.  When I go through an adjustment phase, such as I am currently doing, it is best to keep to myself.  Some medications can affect one in certain manners, if you know what I mean.  There is no telling what I may post.  LOL  It’s just a precaution.
I’ve had these soft textures for while.  Today, you can have them if you like.  They’re all textured differently, and softly.  The colors are random, but, I included some neutral toned textures that you can color to your hearts content.  Or, you can use them with a blending mode to add just a hint of texture to a layout or page you create.  Just click on the preview to go to Minus to download.

Be sure to check back next Monday for the first of another neat set of our freebies kit from the collaboration with Miss Edna!
Until then…

Credit:  Shutter-Shooter@DA


SU CheshireCat

2 thoughts on “Blog Changes and a Freebie

  1. Wow, Su, just Wow! It does look mighty different, but Tom was right, it's much easier to read and it still has enough color to say “you.” Excellent facelift for your blog!


  2. Hey Su, sorry it's taken me this long to comment, I've been so hectic this last week! I really love how your blog is shaping up. Before I loved your freebies but was afraid to link to them because the clutter on your site was such a turn off for visitors. Great to see you taking action to improve your blog, and thanks so much for the shout out :).


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