New Freebie Collaboration – “I Love…”

Happy Monday, folks!  Boy, this year is zipping right along, now, isn’t it?  I think time passes a lot quicker when you are old-er.  When we were kids, it seemed like it took forever for one’s birthday to roll around!  Or, Christmas!  Or, summer vacation!  Remember that?  Some school years, it seemed like June was never going to come!  I’m sure some of the teachers felt the same way.  LOL  But, now, as an older person, time just ZOOMS by!  What do you think?  
I’ve given you a couple of things in the past few weeks – a tutorial and some textures.  Now, I give you a couple of links to sites I know you will find of interest.  The first one is ‘Vintage Feed Sacks’.  If you fancy ‘The Graphics Fairy’ site, you’ll love ‘Feed Sacks’!  They are similar, in some ways, in that they both ‘clean up’ some of the images for you.  They also have ‘suggested uses’ in common, both offering sweet ideas to which to use the images.  But, the images are all different.  I think that, between the two sites, they have the vintage image ‘market’ cornered!  LOL  What one doesn’t have – the other has.  Not really, obviously, but, you really don’t need too much more than these two fab sites!  I’ve written about ‘Graphics Fairy’ in the past and, quite honestly, you’d have to live under a rock not to know about it!  Now, check out Feed Sacks
This next one is the perfect combination of resources for me!  Sugar Butt Designs, yes, Sugar Butt!  This perfect combination?  Tutorials AND resources!  OMG!  If you don’t heed any of my suggestions, do heed this one!  What she does is gives you a little, easy-to-follow tutorial that shows how to create say, a felt texture, for instance, in Photoshop.  She gives you the tutorial and samples to go with it for you to see what she means.  This post is all about felt, cardboard and metal textures, three different downloads.  

Each file has a sheet like the one above, then, any samples that might be included.  In addition to tuts, she also has a great list of links in her side bar!  Categorized links!!  LOL  She has other items and she sells at one of the shops, even.  So, her blog isn’t all just tutorials.  I wish I knew ‘her’ name, but, whatever it is, go check out her site!
This next site is what I refer to as a ‘PSD Blog’, meaning the site is aimed at Photoshop users as their main content.  PSD Dude is up there with some of the best.  If it isn’t, it soon will be!  It’s going great guns!  Every couple of days, I get an e-mail notification for some cool freebie or another.  Tutorials, brushes, patterns, templates, shapes, etc., they’re all available here.  Speaking of shapes, there doesn’t seem to be too many of those to download for free across the web.  But, here, they have a good selection!  There are several I have never seen before.  You have to register.  That is the only drawback as far as some folks go.  You can sign up for the e-mail alerts or the RSS stream.  Give them a whirl!  I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.
Winding up today’s list is Best Photoshop Tutorials.  WAIT!  Don’t skip over this because of the name of the site.  Tutorials are just a mere section of this site.  They have everything you need for Photoshop!  If they don’t carry everything, they have the links to it all.  LOL  There is quite a page full of Photo Effects, such as cartoon, out-of-bounds, Andy Warhol, etc.  There are actions galore!  The textures are the ‘cream of the crop’, to me. Same as the brushes and the fonts.  Here is an image of the most recent brushes they offer:

There seems to be a good blend of actual downloads from this site and articles of images that link to at other sites.  This is fairly common.  I do it!  LOL  The folks who post have a good eye for what is popular in the design world. Pay these folks a visit and see what all they have!  Have fun!  LOL   
And, finally, this month’s freebie from Miss Edna and I.  This month we give you “I Love…”  It’s for whatever you love!  It doesn’t have to be a person – you can love horses, or chocolate, or diamonds.  You get the idea!  LOL  Today, we give you the QP’s, two(2) of them.  This is Parts 1 and 2.  Then, next Monday and the Monday after that, we’ll give away two parts each time for a total of six(6) parts from each of us.  Three Mondays, 12 parts total!  LOL  Click on the preview to go to the download.  Then, click on Miss Edna’s preview to go to her blog to download her parts.
Parts 1 and 2

Miss Edna’s Preview

And, that’s a gonna do it for this Monday!  I’ve been spending a little more time with my  blog, so, I may be back before next Monday.  Either way, be sure to come back for the rest of this fun kit.  I’ve seen Miss Edna’s parts and they are awesome!!
Until then…

Blessings and Hugs!

SU CheshireCat

4 thoughts on “New Freebie Collaboration – “I Love…”

  1. Su, thanks you so much for the freebie and for the link to the site with so many shapes! I picked up the 1000 shapes an I'm excited to see what all I have!The colors for this month's kit are stellar!


  2. Oh thanks so much for sharing all of the lovely resources. Those brushes are fabulous! I swear this is your best kit ever, the frames made with the brushes are soo soo cool! I love them! I have been meaning to do a few of Jenn's tutorials but have been so incredibly busy lately. She has some good ones for sure. Oh about time flying – wow you sure hit it with that one. I feel like the days have been moving along so fast!Hugs and Love and Light hon!


  3. I just downloaded the photo frame graphics and I'm loving them Su! I think I may actually use one to frame a photo of my step sisters for them. Really nice work, I love the hand-crafted feel of your work.


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