Hi, all!  I’m about back to the norm, give or take a little.  I still get a nap in when I feel sluggish and I haven’t gone back on the treatments I was getting, yet, so, I feel pretty good.  I want to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who took the time to comment and to make me feel better!  
Until recently, I never knew how many readers I get.  When Tom did the evaluation on my blog, it came up and I found my Stats.  You can see yours, if you use Blogger, too, by going to your Blogger Dashboard and clicking on ‘Stats’ in the menu bar:

  I don’t have a lot of readers, but, that, to me, just isn’t important.  If one person read it, I would still do this.  I would do it just for me.  It’s just that since I do have readers, I give away freebies, tips and links.  One thing I did note was that I could see what posts were more popular.  (It’s that little box that is showing in the middle of the graph.  You hover over the graph and the dates come up in that little box.) From that, I can see what the post was about and use that to know what readers like.  
From Tom, too, was the suggestion to go to other blogs that has similar content as me and see what keywords they use.  Doing this, hitting on good key words is really helpful for people to find your blog when they Google something pertinent.  It’s called Search Engine Optimization(SEO).  For instance, I use ‘scrapbooking’ and ‘freebie’ as two of the keywords whenever I post any of our kits.  That doesn’t put me at the top of Google’s search lists, but, it helps the scrapbook search sites, I believe.  One of those search sites gave instructions to use those two words in your keywords so they could find it.  As it turns out, CraftCrave is at the top of that list and I am picked up by them every time I post a freebie.  You have to go there and ‘register’ your site, if you want them to ‘pick up’ your freebies but, it’s a nice thing to have going on.  I can see from my stats that the bulk of my traffic comes from CraftCrave.  So, I am happy with that.  They can be at the top of the list.  LOL

SU CheshireCat


Freebie Final Parts and Links

Whee!  LOL  I am caught up!  You don’t realize how much stuff you are involved in until you can’t do it all for some reason.  In addition to catching up on e-mails, there are dozens of tutorials to check out, articles to read, and goodies to snag.  I know it makes a lot of work for myself to read all I do, but, I like having my finger on the pulse of the online digital design community.  I find a lot of interesting stuff this way!  I stumble upon a previously unknown-to-me design blog, subscribe to the feed or e-mail alerts, and I’m with it.  LOL  Rarely have I ever gone back and unsubscribed.  There are lots of ways to find out what is happening.
The most obvious places to start are the ‘search engines’.  I know of three(3) of them, right off: 
(Found Another)http://www.craftcrave.com/category/digifree/ 
If you know of any others, add them in the comments and I will add them to my list on my ‘Resources’ page.  The three I mention are there, already, near the bottom.
Pinterest, the ‘clippings’ site, is an awesome way to find out about cool stuff.  There are Photoshop sections (use the search feature at the top of any page) where there are loads of goodies and tutorials.  I think you have to have an invite, so, if you need one, comment and I will accommodate you.
One great way to find things you like are to go to any blog that has something you like, then, check that blog’s links.  Their links are usually in blinkies or ‘Lists’ on the sidebar, so, it isn’t too difficult to find them.  An excellent example would be Sugarbutt Designs.  I wrote about it a few weeks ago, and, since, have learned the dear lady’s name – Jenn.  She told me she has gone by ‘Sugarbutt’ for ever.  LOL  I think it’s a darling name!  On her sidebar, she has lists of great sites to visit.  Click on Sugarbutt – aka: Jenn’s site and check it out for yourself.  She had some I had never heard of.
Real quick, here are just a few of the places I have found lately: 
I found one new place that I am digging – Slo-Dive.  They feature a lot of Photoshop goodies and tuts, too.  They are real regular with posting, so, be sure you subscribe. 
Then, there is PSD.co.  They have a little bit of everything – textures, brushes, patterns, shapes, actions, etc… 
Another good Photoshop blog is ‘Hello, Streetlight’.  Right now, on their home page, there are quite a few nice brushes and textures.
As far as digi-scrapping blogs/sites, I found one where, even tho it is a store, the goodies are mostly free.  Retro-Zing is set up in a store setting, but, I think all of the stuff is free.  There may be a pay item, but, I haven’t found it.  There are some cute ‘collections’ going on, so, check it out!    
And, now, finally, here are the last two parts of this month’s collaboration with Miss Edna’s Place.  This was a crazy month, but, I managed to get everything done and posted.  Whee!
Click on the ‘elements’ preview, below, to go to Part 5 and the next preview, the ‘papers’ to get Part 6.  Then, you will see Miss Edna’s preview.  Click on it to go to her blog for her parts, if you haven’t been there already.
So, here ya go:
Part 5

Part 6

Miss Edna’s Preview

Miss Edna and I will be back at it again in April.  Here’s peek at the colors with a familiar ‘April’ theme.  You’ll see!

Until then…

SU CheshireCat

Freebie ‘Extras’ for “Sing a Song of Spring”

Note:  I scheduled this to post Sunday, but, accidentally posted it today with tomorrow’s date.  Doh!  I’m not going to delete it, so, have it a day earlier than planned!  LOL
A good Sunday, everyone!  Because I was so late in posting Parts 3 and 4 of the collaboration with Miss Edna’s Place, “Sing a Song of Spring”, and, because I made too much stuff, I have some ‘Extras’ for you today.  Then, tomorrow, on schedule, I’ll have the last two(2) parts per usual.
First, tho, a quick tip.  Many of you, like me, make goodies to give away, right?  So, it has been the occasion for you to make a preview, maybe, eh?  If so, you know how lengthy a process it is, placing all those many items in a nice arrangement for a preview that will, hopefully, knock folks’ socks off.  Want to simplify and cut that time down?  I’m talking “Click, click, zip!”  LOL  Well, almost.
I found a script that is used in Photoshop.  It’s called ‘Copy and Close’.  I believe it works for Elements, too, but, I am not positive.  If someone would try it and let us know, that would be cool!  What this script does is load all of your elements and/or papers into one .PSD for preview, then, closes all the individual files.  Not only that, but, each layer of the preview is labelled by the file’s name in the Layers Palette.  You have to open each of the files into Photoshop.  Just hold down ‘CTRL'(‘CMD”-Mac) and select all the elements and/or papers you wish.  I’ve opened as many as 20 at a time.  Next, create a new .PSD preview doc/file and save it.  Don’t close it.  Saving it is the key.  Now, you should have all of your elements and/or papers stacked up in your work space, as well as the blank, saved .PSD doc.  M’kay?  Now!  Go to ‘File’>’Scripts’>’Browse’.  Navigate to where you have the script saved on your hard drive and click on it to open it.  Sit back and watch.  All of the separate elements copy over to the .PSD file, one at a time, then, they close.  When done, you will have one file open in your work space – the .PSD preview, with as many layers as you have elements and/or papers.  From there, you can resize them and arrange them however you like.  This little script saves me so much time!  Not only that, but, it is so much fun watching all the files jumping and disappearing!  Vroooommm!  Like a mass Exodus!  Trust me, they go right back to where they were filed.
Alrighty, then!  LOL 
Where to get this gem?  I found it on http://speedscraps.blogspot.com/p/free-scripts.html.
In addition to that script, there are several others, all time savers, that you can snag, too.  There is not a way to leave Christy a comment to thank her other than on 4-Shared.
And, now, the Extras.  Click on the preview below to go snag ’em.

I hope you enjoy!  Tomorrow, Monday, is the final parts day for “Sing a Song of Spring”.  Parts 5 and 6 come out then, on schedule.  Be sure to come back then to collect the rest of this flowery kit.
Until then…

Keep Smilin’!

SU CheshireCat

Finally! Freebie Collab “Sing a Song of Spring” Pts 3 and 4

You all have been so kind!  Thank you for your well wishes!  I know they had a lot to do with feeling better.  I’m still weak, so, I am only going to do a little until I get better.  I have cut back on several of my projects – except this one.  I worked away on it all week.  I think you’ll be happy.  
It’s pretty big!  I made too much to fit in our 6(six) part giveaways, though.  So, I came up with an idea.  Since you all have been so patient, tomorrow I’ll have something ‘extra’ for you.  Then, on Monday, per the regular schedule, I’ll have the last two parts, 5 and 6, for you.  So,
Parts 3 and 4 – Now(Saturday)The Extras – Tomorrow(Sunday)Parts 5 and 6 – The Next Day(Monday)
Three days in a row and you’ll have it all!  LOL
Here are my previews.  The Element preview will link to Part 3 and the Paper preview will link to Part 4.  So, be sure to click on both previews!
Part 3

Part 4

By now you’ve already been to Miss Edna’s Place.  Just in case this is your first venture on to our Collaborations, though, here is her preview.  It is linked to her blog, so, just click on it.  Her parts would have been given away on Monday last, so, the link will take you to that post.
Miss Edna’s Preview

Thank you, again, for all of you and your kindness, and understanding.  I’m a lucky girl to have all of you!  Blessings to you each.
Be sure to come back here tomorrow for the Extras!
Til then,


SU CheshireCat

Just an Update

Hi, All!  I wish I was here to give you the next installment of parts for this month’s freebie.  I have just been too ill.  I tried to wrap some of it up and was so disappointed with what I had done.  I tried to hurry it up and the results were awful!  LOL  I just won’t give away something like that!  I have worked on some new stuff for it and hope to have it up this week.
I miss being in the loop of things, though I have read some of my e-mails and visited a few sites.  Twice, I thought I was on the mend from this flu.  Twice it showed me just who had control!  I can’t hardly breathe!  I’ve had the chills for three weeks!  LOL  One good thing about this, though.  I quit smoking!  Yay!  There is no way I could breathe if I didn’t.
I promise you the wait will be worth it.  Please be patient with me.  I don’t like this, but, I just have to take it very easy.  I will be back and at it soon!  
Lots of love!
SU CheshireCat