New Freebie Collab “Song of Spring”

I am still feeling poorly, so, once again, I will be brief.  Today is the first 2 parts of a new collaboration with Miss Edna’s Place, “Song of Spring”.  The two(2) QP’s are Parts 1 and 2, but are in the same folder.  Click on my preview to go to Minus for download, then, if you haven’t been there already, click on Miss Edna’s preview to go to her blog.

Miss Edna’s Place

I really hope to be up and about better real soon!  I hate this!  Either way, next Monday we bring you two more parts to this sweet kit.  ‘Spring’ and ‘Song’!  What better combination could we get right now?
Until then,

SU CheshireCat

5 thoughts on “New Freebie Collab “Song of Spring”

  1. Aww! Super cute freebies. I hope you are feeling better! Take care of yourself and get lots of rest. I need to do that for myself as well, lol. 🙂 ♥♥♥hugs♥♥♥


  2. Su, I read on Edna's blog that you were in the hospital. I was starting to be concerned after two blog posts where you mentioned not feeling well. I usually feel a smile in the way you write and i6t hadn't been there. I hope they fixed you up well and that smile is back!


  3. Hi, Suruha, I tried to contact the site 'Reusable Art', you have a link on this website. But their form cannot be used (non existing link) and I don't see an e-mail address. I just don't know how to download their images! If I right click on them I just get a very low res image.Can you perhaps help me out?I like your blog by the way!


    • Hi! First, let me say “Thank You” for your kind words! As for ReusableArt, I didn't even see a contact there! But, I did see where they have another blog. On it, ArtFilledDaysthey have a contact link. I think you may be able to get hold of them this way.Unfortunately, I think most of those images are just that way. There are some that are decent sized. They aren't the best quality. Sorry.Su


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