Just an Update

Hi, All!  I wish I was here to give you the next installment of parts for this month’s freebie.  I have just been too ill.  I tried to wrap some of it up and was so disappointed with what I had done.  I tried to hurry it up and the results were awful!  LOL  I just won’t give away something like that!  I have worked on some new stuff for it and hope to have it up this week.
I miss being in the loop of things, though I have read some of my e-mails and visited a few sites.  Twice, I thought I was on the mend from this flu.  Twice it showed me just who had control!  I can’t hardly breathe!  I’ve had the chills for three weeks!  LOL  One good thing about this, though.  I quit smoking!  Yay!  There is no way I could breathe if I didn’t.
I promise you the wait will be worth it.  Please be patient with me.  I don’t like this, but, I just have to take it very easy.  I will be back and at it soon!  
Lots of love!
SU CheshireCat

8 thoughts on “Just an Update

  1. Take your time, Su. We just want you to be well again. Think of all the money you can save now by not smoking. Put the money you would have spent on ciggs in a jar, and then buy something nice for yourself. Get well, my friend. Hugs, Edna B.


  2. Aww! I'm so sorry that you've been feeling sick. 😦 Have you ever tried colloidal silver? I love that stuff and it works so good! I also use this very unique probiotic called grainfields when I can get a hold of it, but it's pretty difficult to obtain without mail ordering it. It's super powerful. The spirulina flavor is a bit much though. http://www.grainfieldsaustralia.com/US/products/lactobacillus_liquid.shtml. When I managed a health food store, I remembering a doctor coming in and looking at the label. He was so amazed with the number of probiotic strains listed on the label. Several of them he hadn't even heard of. I even witnessed a guy cure his father's terminal colon cancer using this stuff. (he was buying the 2 liter bottles by the case from us, it was really amazing to witness). Anyways, good luck hon! ♥♥Lots of Love & Big HUGS!♥♥


  3. Just take your time to get rid of that flue and get in shape again! May go slowly, but better that and secure than quick and getting it back again!Not leaving you often comments, but I do follow your blog and am thinking of you.Take good care, and whoops, great you quit the smoking, Keep it that way! HugsKyra


  4. Well, first off, YAY on quitting smoking, although it a lousy reason to have to!Rest and take it easy, get over the flu! That's the important thing, get better!!{{hugs}}


  5. Thank you for your parts of the wonderful colab kits with Ms Edna, and also for the fun I have reading your blog and following links. 🙂


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