Finally! Freebie Collab “Sing a Song of Spring” Pts 3 and 4

You all have been so kind!  Thank you for your well wishes!  I know they had a lot to do with feeling better.  I’m still weak, so, I am only going to do a little until I get better.  I have cut back on several of my projects – except this one.  I worked away on it all week.  I think you’ll be happy.  
It’s pretty big!  I made too much to fit in our 6(six) part giveaways, though.  So, I came up with an idea.  Since you all have been so patient, tomorrow I’ll have something ‘extra’ for you.  Then, on Monday, per the regular schedule, I’ll have the last two parts, 5 and 6, for you.  So,
Parts 3 and 4 – Now(Saturday)The Extras – Tomorrow(Sunday)Parts 5 and 6 – The Next Day(Monday)
Three days in a row and you’ll have it all!  LOL
Here are my previews.  The Element preview will link to Part 3 and the Paper preview will link to Part 4.  So, be sure to click on both previews!
Part 3

Part 4

By now you’ve already been to Miss Edna’s Place.  Just in case this is your first venture on to our Collaborations, though, here is her preview.  It is linked to her blog, so, just click on it.  Her parts would have been given away on Monday last, so, the link will take you to that post.
Miss Edna’s Preview

Thank you, again, for all of you and your kindness, and understanding.  I’m a lucky girl to have all of you!  Blessings to you each.
Be sure to come back here tomorrow for the Extras!
Til then,


SU CheshireCat

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