Freebie ‘Extras’ for “Sing a Song of Spring”

Note:  I scheduled this to post Sunday, but, accidentally posted it today with tomorrow’s date.  Doh!  I’m not going to delete it, so, have it a day earlier than planned!  LOL
A good Sunday, everyone!  Because I was so late in posting Parts 3 and 4 of the collaboration with Miss Edna’s Place, “Sing a Song of Spring”, and, because I made too much stuff, I have some ‘Extras’ for you today.  Then, tomorrow, on schedule, I’ll have the last two(2) parts per usual.
First, tho, a quick tip.  Many of you, like me, make goodies to give away, right?  So, it has been the occasion for you to make a preview, maybe, eh?  If so, you know how lengthy a process it is, placing all those many items in a nice arrangement for a preview that will, hopefully, knock folks’ socks off.  Want to simplify and cut that time down?  I’m talking “Click, click, zip!”  LOL  Well, almost.
I found a script that is used in Photoshop.  It’s called ‘Copy and Close’.  I believe it works for Elements, too, but, I am not positive.  If someone would try it and let us know, that would be cool!  What this script does is load all of your elements and/or papers into one .PSD for preview, then, closes all the individual files.  Not only that, but, each layer of the preview is labelled by the file’s name in the Layers Palette.  You have to open each of the files into Photoshop.  Just hold down ‘CTRL'(‘CMD”-Mac) and select all the elements and/or papers you wish.  I’ve opened as many as 20 at a time.  Next, create a new .PSD preview doc/file and save it.  Don’t close it.  Saving it is the key.  Now, you should have all of your elements and/or papers stacked up in your work space, as well as the blank, saved .PSD doc.  M’kay?  Now!  Go to ‘File’>’Scripts’>’Browse’.  Navigate to where you have the script saved on your hard drive and click on it to open it.  Sit back and watch.  All of the separate elements copy over to the .PSD file, one at a time, then, they close.  When done, you will have one file open in your work space – the .PSD preview, with as many layers as you have elements and/or papers.  From there, you can resize them and arrange them however you like.  This little script saves me so much time!  Not only that, but, it is so much fun watching all the files jumping and disappearing!  Vroooommm!  Like a mass Exodus!  Trust me, they go right back to where they were filed.
Alrighty, then!  LOL 
Where to get this gem?  I found it on
In addition to that script, there are several others, all time savers, that you can snag, too.  There is not a way to leave Christy a comment to thank her other than on 4-Shared.
And, now, the Extras.  Click on the preview below to go snag ’em.

I hope you enjoy!  Tomorrow, Monday, is the final parts day for “Sing a Song of Spring”.  Parts 5 and 6 come out then, on schedule.  Be sure to come back then to collect the rest of this flowery kit.
Until then…

Keep Smilin’!

SU CheshireCat

4 thoughts on “Freebie ‘Extras’ for “Sing a Song of Spring”

  1. Su, I'm going to have to check out that script. It looks interesting. What I typically do is keep all of the resources that are going to go into the preview image in one folder. I then create the preview image in PS. For me I have multiple monitors, so it's a bit easier, but you can do the same thing with one monitor. I go to the resource folder and either Edit>Select All — orCtrl>A (control a to select all)– orIf I only want *some* of the resources, click on the first item then just before the one I want to omit, click while holding down the shift key, and then resume after the item I want to omit. Then control for the next click.So it's click>click shift>control click>click shiftSo anyways if you just did control A and select all of the items, just drag them into your canvas in PS and PS will automatically add all of the items. You just have to double click on each one as they are being added (in CS5 at least) to make them get out of the box with the X in the middle.You can do the same thing to make all of the selected items open up at once in new tabs in PS by dragging multiple selected items into the layers panel. This part does not require any double clicking. :)I hope what I've said makes sense, lol! Hugs & love & lots of light!!! ❤ ❤ <3Sü


  2. Here's a screenshot, may make more sense. Unfortunately I just grabbed a random folder and the images don't have meaningful titles. PS will pick up the title in the layers dialogue though.'s what I mean about the X thing:'s really neat about doing it this way is that PS automatically turns the items into whatever it is that allows the layer to be scaled smaller and larger. (different than pasting from an opened image and then manually right clicking on the layer & converting it into a scaleable smart object).Hugs! ❤


    • You know, I knew there was a way to do that in PS. Before I could look into it, I found that script. LOL I got exactly what you meant. I have to try it. That's the best way to learn something. I have my PS set up to where the images open in a stack, rather than tabs. It should still work, eh? I'll try it.Thanks for your information!!Su


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