NEW – ‘April Showers’ Freebie!

Good Monday, All!  I hope everyone had a great Sunday.  If you celebrate Easter, I hope you found your fair share of the eggs!  LOL  It was nice around here.  My daughter and the children went to a friend’s house later in the day and it made it so nice and peaceful here!  That was wonderful!  I wanted to nap, but, I hated to waste my time when it was so calm.  LOL  So, I created.  You’ll see!
This time of the year must be a good time to start a digital scrapbooking shop.  I have run into I don’t know how many Birthday/Anniversary sales!  I eventually had to quit looking.  I got some great deals on what I did get.  A couple of sites were having Easter egg hunts or other ‘hunt’ games.  Like a blog hop, kinda, I snagged some pretties!  One chick had her CU store on sale for $5.00 – everything CU, for one little price.  I think there were 27 items.  She had some nice CU items, too.  ‘She’ is Kit Kat Designs, and her store at Angel Baby Scraps is here:

Click on the ‘fan blinkie’ to go to her shop.  That sale is just a little ways down the list of goodies.
Oh, yeah!  I almost forgot!  I won a prize!  I won a ‘bundle’ from Inky Deals.  I’m still unpacking all the goodies in it!  There are brushes, patterns – both seamless and full-sheet, textures galore, a couple of actions, web elements for web design, gosh!  I am not even sure what all is in it!  It was almost a thousand dollars worth of stuff – over a gigabyte!  Inky Deals is a site where, each day, they offer some great deal on web and design elements.  Like today, for instance, they are selling a set of PS Paper Brushes.  They almost always have an uber deal on what they sell.  I’ve gotten two 1-year subscriptions through them, I think, that were reduced to half, at least, of the usual price.  (I also have dealt with Mighty Deals and get them mixed up)  If you are going to pay, you may as well get the best price, eh?  LOL
For any one who is a Photography lover, Creative Live, is offering a free workshop on their Live site, Fundamentals of Digital Photography 2012 with John Greengo.  It starts at 10 CST, so, 1:00 EST, so SOON!  It runs for 4 hours the whole week, Monday, the 8th, through Friday, the 13th.  (The 13th?!!  Arghhh!  LOL)  You do not have to purchase a thing!  John Greengo makes it interesting, I’m sure!  I’ve taken other classes from him.  So, trot on over and get yourself ‘schooled’ in some good photography!  LOL
I’m working on several things, some links and some goodies, that will come later in the week.  I haven’t been posting much as I am still catching up from being sick.  I think I am about caught up.  I got this month’s kit freebie all set to give to you!  Today, Miss Edna and I bring you 

Today, we give you two QP’s(Quick Pages), Parts 1 and 2.  Then, for the next two Mondays, we will give you two(2) parts each, per week, for a total of  twelve(12) total, between us.  Below you will see my preview.  Click on it to go to Minus to download.  Then, there is Miss Edna’s preview.  It is linked to her blog so you can go there and snag her parts.  I had fun making this one!  I over did it, as usual, so, I put some of the elements on ‘sheets’.  Otherwise, each file would be HUGE!  You will get these, too!
Here are the previews:
Parts 1 and 2:

Miss Edna’s Parts:

Well, that is gonna do it for today.  We hope you enjoy!  
Until next week,


SU CheshireCat

6 thoughts on “NEW – ‘April Showers’ Freebie!

  1. Our Easter dinner at my dad's is next Sunday. I think I'm going to see if I can find half-off egg colors and dye some eggs to bring. :)Love the colors for this month's kit! Thanks for the QPs. I got my minus account! I'm going to try it with a freebie this week. 🙂


  2. Wow congrats on winning the loot from inkydeals! I won a 123rf subscription a while back and it was so awesome. I got 5 free downloads each day and didn't get a chance to grab items every single day of the month I had the membership. I did get a lot though! Hey sweet, I've been meaning to email you – have had a lot going on and also needed to get some info before responding. Will chat soon ok? Senging you :::biiiggg huggssss:::Btw the QPs you gals came up with this week are absolutely ADORABLE!!!!


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