Damn-it, Blogger! and a Freebie

I spent all morning typing up a post.  It is now 1:30 in the afternoon.  That was how long I spent.  It was kind of long, but, what I feel was interesting.  I put a lot into it – even had pictures!  LOL  I was darned proud of it, too!  But, due to Blogger’s incredible inadequacy at functioning like a proper blog-site, it all disappeared.  I had clicked on ‘Preview’, saw something that I needed to edit and poof!  All, but, the title and the very end was gone.  The same thing had happened when I tried to add a caption to one of the images.  The image just vanished!  I had to replace it – twice!  I just don’t have it in me to re-type it.  In fact, the next time I post anything, I am heading over to my Word Press site, or anywhere else.  Screw this!  Anyway, this page-kit is what was at the end of my post.  It was the only part that didn’t disappear!  LOL  (Click on preview to go to Minus.com to download):  

And, I do know that there aren’t any labels on the preview.  I did that on purpose.  It had to do with my post – the one that disappeared.


Enjoy!  Until next time…

Smile!(My Granddaughter)

SU CheshireCat

5 thoughts on “Damn-it, Blogger! and a Freebie

  1. Aww I'm so sorry about what happened to your post! If you start using your wordpress blog from now on, make sure you enable email so I can get email subscriptions ok??? I think it's under Appearance>widgets>follow blogI had to look because I don't use wordpress hosted blogs very much, typically do self hosted wordpress.By the way, what's your wordpress blog called? I want to make sure I get your new posts, lol!Your freebie is really cute by the way! I think I may try that file hosting service. Someone told me today that 4shared now requires logins 😦 I posted my gimp brushes up there and got a message from someone about it.Anyways I'll stop rambling now! ::Hugs::


    • That must be why I had to log in to get a dl the other day at 4shared! What a bummer. The bad getting worse. Minus is so much easier – hands down! Your people who dl don't even have to register, nor, really, do you. Box is similar, but, they have a lower max on each upload size – 25mbs, I think.I will be sure to get all my ducks in a row when I move. I had been planning on moving – that, yesterday, just sped it up!It's never ranting! Chat away! LOL


  2. Oh, it's sooo frustrating when a post disappears!(Or iit does also when the computer suddenly freezes and you have to shot it down). Perhaps also an idea: type your post in wordPad or on Notebook, and then copy it to Blogger, save that first and add the pics after that. Bit way around, but it could save you from going mad ROFL.!Have a wonderful day!HugsKyra


    • You know what, that is an excellent idea! When I first started blogging, there was a platform you could dl that you could access even offline for typing out a post for Live Journal or Word Press – I forget now. You typed it all then scheduled a time even. Then, it would post to your blog. I may see what that is all about.Today will be better. Thank you, Kyra!


  3. I can teach you how to use Windows Live Su to do your blog posts in Blogger (works for WP too but I don't use WP so….). I never post anything from the actual blogger posting area. I do all of my posting thru Windows Live Writer. Works like a dream!


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