A Freebie and a Fare Thee Well, Blogger!

I am kind of sad to leave this blog.  It is where I got into the swing of the digi-scrapping community.  Posting freebies and linking to other’s blogs is like having a little town store.  You put your wares out there for whoever may stop by.  I didn’t do any advertising other than hooking up with a couple of the scrapping search engines site, like CBH(CreativeBusyHands), for one.  Still, I had a fair amount of traffic.  
As far as Word Press goes, it’s like walking into factory when I have been used to the showroom.  LOL  WP is a blog that requires some web know-how.  I always wanted to learn it.  I actually started out blogging at my WP blog, with intentions of learning web design.  Discovering I had Photoshop on my pc, which a friend had left with me,  I figured I could use it for design.  Boy did I!  LOL  I veered way away from web design and into digi-scrappin’ design.  I was able to learn Photoshop all the while.  There are so many opportunities to learn that program within the community alone!  Now, I guess, I am back to learning web design after all. 
I know mine is just one little blog in a sea of great blogs, but, it was where I spent my time, reaching out to others with a freebie, a link to some awesome web site or a little tutorial to show something I learned, or my stand on some issue.  It is where I could be Susan and not worry about it.  My ‘free spirit’ could flow.  But, when I spent all morning and part of the afternoon typing out a post that reflected some personal feelings, as well as, images and links to convey my message, plus a freebie to boot, it is time for action.  My time is more valuable than that.  So, it’s Farewell, Blogger!
Just to say how utterly grateful I am to have such awesome readers, I am going to give you all one last freebie from this blog.  These are actually the smaller elements from this month’s collaboration with Miss Edna, ‘April Showers’.  Earlier today, I posted Parts 3 and 4 over at the WP blog,
The remaining parts will also post there and from now on.  But, I wanted to post one last time here, to make sure everyone knew I was leaving.  It seems the right thing to do to give away a part of the freebie here.  I have three(3) collage sheets of the elements for you.
Here is a brief preview:

Parasol Sheethttp://min.us/miL45k3or
Flower Sheethttp://min.us/mbaO3F3IO0
Butterfly Sheethttp://min.us/mDX7O9Cuf   
Don’t forget to go over to my new blog and fill in your e-mail addy in the ‘Follow Blog By E-mail’ section of the right-side bar.  I usually only post about once a week, so, you won’t get barraged, but, you’ll know when I do post.  
Thank you!
See ya at the new place!

SU CheshireCat

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