New Blog, New Freebies – Pts 3 and 4 “April Showers”

Greetings from my new blog at Word Press!  The domain name of it is ‘A Lady in Florida’, as you may have noticed.  I hope this doesn’t confuse too much.  It has the by-line, ‘A Freespirit Weblog’, so, the name on my freebies, ‘Freespirit’, will stay the same.

This is my first real post since I made the move.  If you didn’t see my last post on Blogger, I got so fed up with that site, I came back here!  This was my first ever blog!  I had just this one for a short time.  My intentions were to learn CSS, or at least WP design.  But, Photoshop entered my life and I never looked back!  LOL  I have spent the past few years learning PS.  It wasn’t until after I got on Blogger that I began meeting people and when I became a member of the digital scrapbooking community.  Everyone is accustomed to reading my posts in Blogger, so, it may take a little getting used to.  But, and this is a promise, nothing will change as far as posting goes.

I will still post the monthly freebie from Miss Edna and I.  If you are new to my blog posts, Miss Edna, from ‘Miss Edna’s Place’, and I collaborate together each month on a digi-scrap kit to give away as a freebie to our readers.  We release two parts each per week, for three weeks of each month.  We don’t post on the first Monday of the month, but, rather, the second. third and fourth Mondays of the month.  Two parts per week, each, would be four parts.  Then, we do that for three weeks.  So, twelve!  By month’s end, you will have twelve(12) new parts to our kit.

The links for the older things I made and posted when I was on Blogger are all still active. You can either visit Suruha-Freespirit, or, go to my ‘Freebies Previews and Links’ page, listed above in the menu bar.  On that page, there are recent freebies previews with the links to the post they are in at Suruha-Freespirit.

Enough of this chit-chat!  You kind folks have had to read all kinds of notices and find your way around my move.  I’m sure you are ready to be done!  This month’s freebie collaboration, ‘April Showers’, Parts 3 and 4, with Miss Edna’s Place are here!  Below are the previews for “April Showers”.

 Part 3 –


Part 4 –

Though the previews are separated by papers and elements, each ‘Part’ will have a mixture of papers and elements.  These previews are just so you can see what is in the kit better – hopefully.  Also, Parts 1 and 2 come to you as Quick Pages (QP’s).  Then, subsequent weeks will bring the papers and elements so you can create your own scrapbooking pages/designs.

I made too much for this kit, as usual.  So, I put some of the goodies on ‘collage sheets’, 3600pxs x 3600pxs(12″ x 12′) at 300 dpi, and will give you those links separate from the kit links.  There are three of them, so, watch for them.

Below is Miss Edna’s link.  If I am able I will post her preview.  I had to type this up on Friday and set it for scheduled posting on Monday.  I am having some major upgrade work done on Monday and I didn’t want it to interfere with my Monday post.  As of this typing, I do not have Miss Edna’s preview.   If I get it before the work, I will sure add it below.  If not though, click on her blog name, below, to go to her blog, Miss Edna’s Place, for her parts, if you haven’t already been there.

Miss Edna’s Blog –

That is going to do it, then, for this first post on this blog!  If you came over from the old blog, I sure do appreciate it!  I will have things up and running more smoothly as soon as I can!  Thank you for your patience and your patronage!  You mean a lot to me!

Until next time…



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