New Freebie Collab: ‘Monkey See, Monkey Do’

Good Monday, everyone!  Gosh!  It seems like forever between posts!  The truth is, I am not happy with this set-up.  I actually find myself missing Blogger.  It was just so much easier.  I had no idea Word Press was so ‘involved’.  LOL  I knew I would have to learn some web stuff, but, it isn’t working out for me at this time.  Maybe if things were calmer I could tackle that, but, everything is always so up in the air.  I have several opportunities to get on with some folks on their sites, with a great deal of storage and with their semi-support.  (I can’t take up their time all the time!  LOL)  I have a domain, but, I don’t know how to sync everything together.  I want the ease of Blogger, the individuality of a private domain and support for whatever I do.  Anyone know of such a place?  LOL  C’est la vie!

I have to go out and about in a little while, so, I won’t take long, here.  Miss Edna and I have a new free collaboration kit for you this month, ‘Monkey See, Monkey Do’.  It was fun working on it for all the graphics and festivity that I associate with monkeys, like circuses!  I love the designs that come out of the circus.  The bright colors and the gold swirls are so typically circus-style.  If only the animals were given better treatment!

Today, we give you the first two parts, the 2 QP’s.  Click on the preview below to go to Minus to download.  Then, for the next two Mondays this month, come back and get the remaining 4 parts, 2 each Monday.  After downloading the QP’s, be sure to click on Miss Edna’s preview to go to her blog if you haven’t been there yet.

Miss Edna’s preview (click to visit her blog):

I hope you enjoy this fun kit!  I shall see you next Monday!



6 thoughts on “New Freebie Collab: ‘Monkey See, Monkey Do’

  1. Su you and Edna did such a great job on these QP!! They are SO cute! It’s so funny, just last night I was going over Circus fonts and getting an itch to do something circusey ! I said the last kit was the best ever, but this one is even better, lol. The cluster on the left QP is soo cute.

    Well you did things right by setting up a domain with blogger, that way your content can move with you, as well as your RSS feed, because it was initially set up with feedburner if I’m remembering correctly. Really it’s not that difficult to move everything and merge it with wordpress. What sort of issues are you having with learning WP? There’s definitely a difference between self hosted and wordpress hosted though. Give me a shout if you have any questions. I know I’ve been lagging lately but have a little more breathing room right now.

    Ok I’ll shut up for now, lolz – big hugs!!


  2. Hi there Su! I just had to come and visit and return the “blog comment luv” to you! Gawd, you have absolutely NO IDEA how very very much your comment was appreciated! Others have downloaded the products but NOBODY left a message. I have to admit … I was guilty of doing that as well, just grabbing a download and not saying I, yes, beans or bullshit … and you never do realize how important that one little word of Thanks is until you spend all day long creating something and see people taking what you offer freely and not acknowledging the hard work that went into it! I was actually getting into a depressive slump because of the whole damn thing roflmao! So THANK YOU for being a kind soul and leaving me a comment! I so appreciate it!


  3. Oh sweetie – didn’t you know you could have your own domain and still stay with blogger? You can purchase your own domain name through Blogger for only $10 a year and they will still host EVERYTHING for free! You don’t have to pay a website to host your stuff – you still can post on Blogger like you’re accustomed to … email me at kimcm at live dot com if you need help with it! It’s super simple!!!!


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