Freebie – Gesso-Look Canvas Textures

Hiya!  I wanted to pop in with some things to share with you!  Yay!  One, right off, is my ‘logo’.  I ‘slipped’ it in on the first parts of the Dec freebie.  My friend, Su, from StarSunflowerStudios, actually commented on it.  Thank you, Su!  The two hands holding a card with my name on it was too big.  It covered too much of a preview.  So, I looked to do something else.  Since my nickname was one I picked up in my ‘hippie chick’ days, I thought about something along those lines.  The ‘whirling dervishes’, as they were referred to, were the chicks, and a few dudes, who would dance and spin around to the music at the live events.  Yeah, I was one of those!  LOL  I had seen the ‘gypsy’ silhouette at 123RF stock, so, I used one with some paint spattering and texture.  It takes up a lot less room on a preview, yet, I think, it still stands out.  I had hoped you would like it!

logo grunged-out-bordertransp600

Looking back, still, ever since my teen years I have kept some kind of journal/sketchbook.  With journaling, if I was in a dilemma over something, by the time I transferred my feelings to paper, I had usually ‘worked through’ what ever it was.  That happened a lot!  I think that, with me giving the matter(s) their due while writing, I would mull it over and, more often than not, find answers or, at least, some measure of resolve.

Journaling carried over to my adult years, writing about my children and the ‘occasional issue with my hubby’.  (What an understatement!  LOL)  Family, moves, jobs, schools, friends, I always had something to write about.  I know some of you can relate.  It wasn’t until I started learning digital art, though, that ‘art journal’ came to me.  That was just what I wanted to do!  I saw all the beautiful, impactful pages others had done and I liked it!  I love art anyway, but, coupling art with the written word was perfect!  Most of all, though, anything goes – just about.  Using bits and scraps of my life and the world around me is, to me, the greatest form of art!   Whatever is ‘relevant’ works in art journaling.  Hell, it doesn’t even have to be that!  LOL

The ‘free’ spirit in me has always bucked tradition and art journaling was built to order for this chick!  I just haven’t ever set out to do a ‘journal’, like in a book format, yet.  I’d like to.  So far, though, I have just been creating art, and only occasionally adding some prose or text expressing a feeling.  After my most recent drama, here, at home, I could really use the opportunity to work through some of it via my art and/or writing.  To get it out in an art piece, or, in a little journaling, I think, would do wonders for me!

  There are some awesome kits and sets available for journaling anything and everything.  One look at almost any scrapbooking site and there is a section on journaling.  But, they were designed by another for whatever use they had in mind.  They just aren’t my own.  I knew I wanted to use a ‘canvas’ for my base and went in search.  There aren’t very many available and those that are, well, they are quite pricey.  So, I decided to start totally from scratch and make my own.

The very first need was a canvas/page.  ‘Gesso-smeared canvas’ is a look that is really popular, perfect for art journaling.   I couldn’t find much along those lines, though.  So, that is what I made.  Five(5) of them!  They are free to use any ol’ way your little hearts desire!  Well, other than harmful.  LOL  Click on the preview to download!

su GessoTextures 600

Here is a close-up of one of the textures so you can see what the canvas and gesso look like.

su GessoTexture close-up

Like the one above, the rest of the textures are all neutral, 3600X3600px in size, 300 ppi, and free to use, no credit necessary!

Have fun and enjoy!  Until next time,

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Freebie Brush Set – Assorted Text

Well, hello!  Long time, no, um, see?  LOL  I made it through my ordeal for the most part.  My little grandchildren mean the world to me!  We’re all back together now!  Since December’s kit was entitled “A Child’s Christmas’, I had found it difficult to work on.  I am happy to announce that I have managed to pull it all together!  I will begin posting my parts, this month, January, as planned in December.  Miss Edna will have some freebies for you while I get caught up.  She posted her parts to December’s kit in December!  LOL  My downloads will start next Monday.

In trying to keep busy, I got an idea for a project and have been puttering away on it for the past month.  I love text, from fonts, alphas and typography to written word.  I like vintage text especially – pages of newsprint, dictionaries, advertisements, ephemera, etc.  I have collected a bunch of text as well as found some great places online for ‘Public Domain’ images of text in all manner of type and handwriting.  I put together some brushes of some of my favorite texts.  They’re made at 300dpi, each around 2400px on the longest side.  They’re pretty large and hi-res.  As most of  the images are from Wiki’s Creative Commons, they require no credit what so ever.  There are two pages from the Vintage Moth, but, otherwise, the images came from the “Brockhaus and Efron Encyclopedic Dictionary” at Wikipedia.  So, have fun with them if you can use them!

su AssrtdTextBrushesPrev

I have another tutorial in the works.  This one will be more of a primer on the Layers Palette.  If you are new to Photoshop, hopefully I will help you understand some things.  If you and PS are old friends, well, maybe I do things a little different and you, too, might learn something.  LOL  I spent last weekend viewing a series of Photoshop videos at AdobeTV.  For as long as I have done some things in PS, I still learned another way of doing a lot of things!  I think what happens is, when you learn PS on your own, you grasp bits and pieces piecemeal.  You may learn to Copy a Layer from one tut or person, or, learn how to use the Liquify Tool from yet another.  In PS there seems to be 5 different ways to do anything, anyway.  So, once I learn one way, I will watch a video and see the same thing done another way.  It often turns out that the new way is better!  Maybe there are less steps.  Whatever!  I just like to learn with PS.  I hope ya’ll do too!  I’m going to try to get that posted in the next couple of days.

So, I shall see you next week, if not sooner!  ‘Til then…

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