Freebie and a Trip Down Memory Lane

Hello!  Ya’ll want to see something funny?  If you click on the image, it will take you to the actual post where I gave this away.  (Oh, yes, I did!  LOL)

ThenThis is a close-up of an element from a kit I did back in December of 2008 – when I was first getting to learn Photoshop AND digital scrapbooking!  LOL  I’ve sure come a long way, as would anyone, hopefully, over a five year span.  I’m sure others have their ‘early’ stuff that they are less than flattered with.  In all honestly, that isn’t even my first ‘kit’.  I don’t know what happened to that, but, it was even more awful to look at!  I’ve learned so much over this time!  Not only have I had more exposure to learning, but, experience, as well.  To me, this represents a lot of work, not just on my part, but, on the part of all the patient souls who walked me through those early days.  God bless those who did!  Thank you for your patience!  LOL

Not that my work now is the most awesome stuff online, but, I think it is fun to see the difference.  I remember feeling so frustrated that I didn’t know more than I did.  I still feel that way often, but, those times are less frequent than ‘back then’.  If you are new to Photoshop, trust me.  You will learn it.  It takes time.  In the mean time, read, read, read – read everything you see on Photoshop and/or techniques to use with it.  Watch the video tuts and read the tutorials.  Go back to them again, later.  You’d be surprised at how much you may have over-looked, simply because you don’t quite realize what it is they are teaching you.  If you don’t understand or can’t find info on something you want, ask.  Time and again, I see good folks offering their expertise, ‘because they want to give back to the community in which they learned’.  There are very few folks who won’t take the time to share what they know or, at least, link you to some place that might help you.  It seems to be an unwritten law, with PS, that those who have struggled to learn something are quick to offer help to those who are desirous of that knowledge.  Truthfully, when I am ‘teaching’ something to another, I almost always learn something new myself.  I like that!

While so many folks have struggled and grown, Photoshop itself has under gone some learning itself.  I found this article where there are some screenshots of some of the PS interface from way back – CS2, I believe.  The article was on Creative Bits recently.  Here is one shot:

cb photoshop3.jpg

Isn’t that a hoot?  LOL  Can you imagine trying to learn something like that!?  LOL  To view more of these images, visit Creative Bits.

I had some more things to go with the freebie, “A Rose is a Rose”.  Some, I overlooked.  Others, were in sheet format.  I will give them to you here, individually.  The first one was this cute cherub fame.   Click on the image to download.   Be sure you save it as a .png.

su ARIAR CherubFrame prev 600

Thanks for joining me for my little trip down Yesterday Lane.  I hope your week is going well!

Until next time,

laughSmile!  Laugh!  Whatever!  Just ENJOY life!



4 thoughts on “Freebie and a Trip Down Memory Lane

  1. That’s great. I started out on gimp on the linux os. I did mess around with PS version 6.0 for minor cropping and sizing before that. The cherub frame is gorgeous hon!!

    The image shown of PS is way before the CS series. That looks like about 1992, Photoshop 1.0 running on a mac – OMG, this is so funny. The last mac (I think) my partner had before getting a mac mini, was 1996 era. Hilarious:

    The video is actually intelligent, not “sign up for ithis or ithat or your iDevice” said 20 thousand times.Anyways, live window scrolling, WOW! I was not even computing back then. We’ve come a long way baby!

    Here’s a probably 1998? era system (win98) that I recently installed a lightweight linux distro called Lubuntu. It is a little poky but definitely functional:


  2. Hi Su,
    I still follow you, although not leaving often a comment LOL! You brought back memorie to me too, about the first steps in digital scrapbooking and later designing LOL! I started it with Photofiltre, the free version and then got me PSE8 which I adore, and still learning things. I should have somewhere my first steps on designing and when I look back only say two years ago, I am not always happy with the things I dared to show and offer LOL!
    And you are right about the PS and PSE and scrapbooking community. Most of the people are kind enough to help you out if you ask for it. Good to know there are still good people around, isn;t it?
    Hope you are okay again? You surely “sound”better than some time ago.

    Of course we all have better and worse days, I think it comes with age, but as long as the spirit is willing enough to overcome, we hold on!
    Have a wonderful week, and weeks to come and months to come( just saying this in case I take another long break from leaving a comment, grin!)


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