Did You Know….


“Did you know…” is a series I post with little tips and/or tuts. I haven’t been posting much on here as I am rigorously working away at my art.


‘Group’ Blending Modes

You may well know that Grouping your Layers in the Layers Panel helps to keep your layers more organised. You just highlight/select the Layers you want to Group, then, click ‘Ctrl/Comm’+’G’. (or go to Menu>Layers>Group) Each layer will be inserted into a Group. Easy enough.

When it comes to Blending Modes in Groups, this is another story! And, NOT a hard one, at all!

Create a Group, and, you will see it’s Blending Mode is “Pass Through”. WTF? This is just so that each layer, within that Group, is being seen ‘through’. Those layers, within that particular Group, don’t change the Layers beneath it.  However, try this. Change a Group’s Blending Mode to “Normal”. With this mode, you can place all the Adjustment Layers and/or adjustments, in general, into this Group and they will only effect that Group. Try it out!

Keep in mind, if you have the Layers in that Group set to certain Blending Modes, they may be overwritten by the Group’s Blending Mode.

Thank you!

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