Freebies, “New” Family for the Holidays and a Link

 Greetings, all!  That big day is fast approaching.  True to form, I am no where near being ready.  But, that’s okay.  My head and my heart are in the right place.  My son and his new family will celebrate their Christmas on the 20th, the Sunday before, since the children will all be going to their dads’ for the holidays.  We are going to get together with them then.  I want to see my new grandchildren for Christmas.  My son married a sweetheart with 4 children.  They are expecting their first after the first of the year.
It’s neat having an instant set of grandchildren added to my brood.  The oldest boy, Chad, who just turned 15, came over a few weeks ago and spent Friday night and all day Saturday with me.  Well, he hung out here.  I made us some treats and let him have the laptop for game playing.  He was set up in the living room, whereas, my world is in my room.  So, basically, he did his thing in one room and I did mine in another.  We met in between in the kitchen!  LOL  It was fun!  We were silly, yet, we talked about a lot of stuff.  I hope he, and the other children, too, will come to think of me and my house as a safe place they can come to and just be themselves.  They’re all good children.
The one girl, Kristen, my granddaughter, came over one night for us to work on a school project together.  She asked for my help and came over by herself.  We found everything we needed online and created a cool t-shirt design based on a local talent show promotional.  I don’t know what the end result was; like, if she won, or not.  I let her do all the arranging of the images on Photoshop.  I just had to give her a few quick lessons.  LOL  She did exceptionally well.
Then, there is Cameron.  He is real close to my other grandson’s age.  He has been over to spend the night with Nicky several times.  They have fun, but, at 7 years old, both of them are still a bit into quarreling over silly stuff.  And, tattling!  OMG!  They try to out-do one another with tattling.  But, he is still a great kid and his manners, like those of the other children, are impeccable.  They are very polite!
Finally, there is J.T.  J.T. is 3.  He spends a week with him mom and, then, a week with his dad.  It seems like a messed up situation to me, but, it is part of the 50/50 parental agreement.  Jayden, his given name, seems pretty durable through it all.  Bless all of their hearts.  I hate divorces!  The little guy is still a bit too little to spend the night and hang out with granny.  When he is with his mommy, every other week, she wants him with her, which is totally understandable.  He isn’t really interested, yet, in who I am.  He asked me, one day, what my name was.  I told him he could call be “grandma”, if he wanted to.  As he gets more used to me, I’ll have him over.
So, that is my new family of grandchildren.  This Christmas will prove to be an interesting holiday.   We did Thanksgiving over at my son’s and it was very nice.  The children like to help out in the kitchen.  I have the patience for it.  So, I get the young ones mixing and chopping.  That’s what granny’s are for!  They do things with you that mean a lot because they make you feel like you are so special – even if you make a mistake.  LOL  I just figure, with all the bad and violence and scares in this world, the children need a break, a respite from it all.  Sometimes, they just need to be kids!  To be allowed to be innocent.  Let their mommies teach them their ABC’s.  I’ll stick to teaching them how wonderful and special they are.
If you have been keeping up and are wondering where this big surprise is, I am almost finished.  I won’t bore you with details, but, I just didn’t feel it was ready to be released.  I do have a couple of goodies from the kit, though.  They might give you an idea as to what I am up to.  Then again, maybe not.  Heh-heh.
A little background first.  I wanted to do a kit that was for my granddaughters, as well as for me.  I wanted to incorporate the stories I remember, my idols, heroes, the magickal, the fantasy, and the ‘make-believe’ that I know, from my own childhood, and pass on to my children and grandchildren as a matter of tradition.  Folk stories were never written;  they were sung, or told, by traveling minstrels and passed down from generation to generation.  So, it is with my family.  My grandmother and mother told me many stories.  Stories and things that were important to me are, naturally, going to be the same ones I share with my family.  Thus, these stories, these heroes of mine, become a part of their fantasies, their own ‘make-believe’.
My kit, “Make Believe”, is all about my fantasies from my childhood.  There are things that I wanted or wished I could have.  Most were strictly fiction, yet, their entire premise of magick and fantasy, rings a bell within me, and still does to this day.  I suppose that is the ‘little girl’ in me, like so many of us big girls, that never grew up.  LOL  Ask Peter Pan!  All you have to do is BELIEVE!
Here is a CU cluster for ya.  It is just a hint of what to expect.  Click on each image to download that cluster from MediaFire.
This one has transparent ‘glass’ so it may be used as a frame.
I would like to give special thanks to Donna K, whose pretty jewelry-like bling helped me to create these clusters.  Donna  makes magick!  LOL  Right now, as a gift to her customers, Donna is offering one doosy of a deal in her store.  Everything(almost) is free!  Yep!  FREE!!  There are a bunch of pretty elements, styles, embellishments, frames, flowers, clip art, etc.  The items are for PU only, even though the name of the store is “Designer’s C U”.  To use them commercially, all you have to do is join her group.  That’s it!  There is no requirement other than just a membership.  With it, you can use the goodies as CU.  Once you see all she has to offer, and start regularly receiving scads of free C U downloads via e-mail from her group, I know you’ll find her as versatile, and sweet, as I do.  She has a blog and her store.
I shall finish up the kit in the next day or so.  I have worked so hard on it, I want it to be perfect.  I have the content;  I just need to tweek everything to my liking.  It is almost complete.


Freebie and Good Karma

It will be just one more day until I post my special goodies.  I found some more resources and had to put them in with the rest.  LOL As usual, I got carried away with designing.
I still have a little something I was playing around with for the holidays, some tags, frames and embellishments.  You have got to check out the ‘gnome’ tag.  LOL  They can be used for whatever you wish, however you wish.  I tend to make my elements quite large, so, be prepared to resize down.  Everything is at 300dpi, papers are 12×12, and elements range from 1200 to 2000 pixels, depending on the item.
Click on the image to go to MediaFire to download.
I want to say, too, that, just as I wrote yesterday, I have already been receiving support from friends around the web.  I think by me being forthright with how I am coping and what I am going through, others understand me better.  I don’t feel like I am alone.  With more folks than just myself, pulling for me, the karma is much stronger, as it is in prayer.  With that much positive energy and good thoughts, I have nothing to worry about!  LOL
Did I mention I suffer from ‘depression’?  LOL  I’ve all but written it, so, there it is.   A good many years back I went through the all the docs and tried all the meds.  Ha!  I lost a couple of years of my life, not knowing who, or what, I was.  Those psychotropic medications are wacked!  I’ve maintained on my own for the past 10 years with some help from a psychiatrist, but, very little medication.  I use meditation and positivity and anything else worth the time to try.  I keep an even keel this way!
You all are what makes my world ‘okay’.  I am truly blessed.  Peace and love, ya’ll!


Freebie QP Tonite, Special Give-AwayTomorrow

I have been busy as a bee, playing around with Photoshop and working on some challenges and other projects.  This “spurt” of creativity is keeping my mind busy, so as not to dwell on the holiday season too much.  It’s rough on me.  I enrolled in a free course offered by Jessica Sprague, called “Holidays in Hand”.  It is about recording your December holiday from the first to the 25th.  Using prompts and having your materials all set, the season should be more enjoyable as we recall season’s past and our living in the moment.  Ultimately, you wind up with a book of images and memories from this year’s season.  Great importance is put on making this project enjoyable, not to take up a lot of time, one folks like me can accomplish.
As with a previous course of Jessica’s, “Stories in Hand”, part of the project involves memories of holidays past.  I’ve had a rough time most holidays.  I was a bit hesitant to ‘open up a can of worms’ with memories and sadness, right here at holiday time.  I needn’t have worried.  Once again, the wonderful members of the course were supportive, sharing many of their own stories,  hard times and ways in which they handled them.  I have always worrried so over traditions.  While doing a writing exercise for this course, I realised that my family has their own traditions.  Ours just don’t involve fireplaces, stockings and live trees.  My home is so small, these three things are a bad combination.  As far as baking dozens of many different cookies, we tend to enjoy certain store-bought brands which have become our ‘tradition.’  Rather than following some ‘ancient’ traditions that just weren’t feasible, for me, I came to understand that anything our family did, repeatedly, for enjoyment at holiday time, could be considered a ‘tradition’.
I’m sure you get the gist of where this course took me.  I have a blog just for the courses of Jessica’s.  It’s called “Stories in Hand” and you are welcome to go have a read, if you like.  I am really handling this season a lot better than in the past.  Actually, with the support and friendships I have, here, in the scrapbooking community, I feel relatively safe from my emotions.  Thank you, one and all!
I have, literally, been on Photoshop all day long.  I’m feeling in need of turning in.  I will be back tomorrow, though, with some really cool goodies I have been working on.  I just need to package them all up.  It’s sort of something special.  LOL  Tonight, however, I have QP freebies I did for last month’s Chat Challenge at Magickal Scraps.  Based on “The Nutcracker”, I recalled many of the whimsical goodies and ‘dreams’ of sugar plum fairies, then,  found images to represent them.

Before I get to the QP’s, I would be sorely amiss if I didn’t tell you about Magickal Scraps’ absolutely gorgeous Christmas Download a Day “Tales of the Raven”.  There is an “Add-On” in the store that goes with and it is chock full!  Snowy couldn’t even preview all of it.  It has an excellent price right now, too, at $1.50US!  The slideshow, above, features the DAD, but, below is the ‘preview’ for the “Tales of the Raven Add-On”.

 For my QP’s, I really had fun searching for all the different images in the layout.  I hope someone can use them, there are actually two pages in the file.  One, for inserting your own photo, and the other with the ‘scroll’ intact.  I thought it would make a good ‘cover page’ or a page just for journalling.  A photo could still be placed over the scroll, as well.
Click on either image to go to MediaFire for download:
I must be tired, I didn’t “wrap” them up with my label and stuff.  Jeez!  They’re 300dpi and 12×12 and CU friendly, too!  LOL
Peace and enjoy your day.


Freebie Just in Time for Turkey Day

If you haven’t had that flu that is going around, I don’t recommend it!  Nope, it is definitely a waste of time.  I ran fever for 5 days!  That has never happened before.  But, I am on the way back!  Yay!
I have a little something for ya.  If I don’t get it out, it will be ‘out of season’.  LOL  It’s been a while since I made it, a month, perhaps.
As always, click on the images to go to MediaFire to download.
I have been hammering away at my e-mail all day, since today was the first day I felt I could.  Had a lot of catching up to do with groups and forums and such.  It feels good to get back among all the sweethearts and just plain wonderful folks in the scrapbooking community.
Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day, here, in the states.  My family celebrates it, so, we are all getting together at my son’s house.  He is the one who was married earlier this year.  His wife has 4 children and is expecting their first in February.  My youngest daughter and her two children will be there, as well as, a handful of good friends.  Unfortunately, my oldest daughter is not coming.  She has been at odds with the rest of us for a while, now.  Quite frankly, the rest of us are a bit relieved that we won’t have to deal with her bad attitude on a holiday, again.  I sure hate it, but, in spite of efforts, it is something she will have to come to grips with it, herself.  This is one of those times when a mother can only stand back and pray for her child.
My heart and my spirits are in a great place, anyway!  I am tired of feeling bad, physically and emotionally.  Know what I mean?  So, with that, I would like say,
Happy Turkey Day, 
My Friends!


Freebie, Award, and Ron & Joe

I’m sure you all have noticed how ‘international’ scrapbooking is these days.  My goodness, I’m even picking up a little French in the process.  LOL  Just on my favorite forum there are folks from England and Holland, as well as all across the US.  Quite often, when perusing some of the Freebie Search Sites, where the day’s freebies are posted, I find myself on sites from all over Europe and Asia.  As in any community, there are so many similarities.  The love of a fine craft knows no boundaries.  There are just some things that even the language barrier can’t ignore.  It is quite easy to interpret a comment after a while.  “Thanks” seems to stand out in any language.  Isn’t that wonderful?  LOL Well, recently, I came upon a collaboration from a group of ladies who just swept me away!  They’re Indonesian and a group of them get together and create magick!  One collab they did was to express their condolences for the loss of 7 lives in recent blasts at Jakarta, called Indonesia Unite.  Their designs were awesome!  One lady, in particular, Yanti, has been one that I have kept following, just to see what she and/or her friends are creating.  Her blog is YantiScrap.  Do go check it out and, from her “My Bloglist” down the page on the left, check out some of her friends’ sites, too.  It’s worth it.
 Then, last week, I received an e-mail from Yanti, telling me she had passed on her much-deserved “Honest Scrap”, to yours truly.

I’m so flattered, and humbled!  I really mean it!  I’m supposed to write down 10 things about myself.  Yanti’s list was so sweet.  Um, me.  Hmmm…let’s see…
1.  I love digital design of any kind 2.  Love the comradery of the folks in the scrapping community3.  I have hair down to my butt4.  I used to climb telephone poles for a CATV contractor5.  I love heavy metal music6.  I don’t own a car, by choice (don’t need it)7.  I’m an agoraphobic (that’s why)
8.  I love lemons and eat them by the bag9.  I am as silly as they come; it keeps me young10. I’m a very nurturing soul There!  That wasn’t too painful.  LOL  Now, I would like to pass this award on to: 1.  Snowy 2. Kyra3.  Edna4.  Nana5. Yanna6.  June7.  Dorthi8.  Jodiann9.  Celindaand, though, not very active, I want to mention10.  Keryn11.  Stella
  Needless to say, I consider each of these ladies a friend.  Online friendships are so unique.  We feel joy for each other when someone has a good thing happen and such pain when they are feeling it.  Yet, we’ve never set eyes on or heard the other’s voice.  I’m proud to know the folks I know.  I’ve learned so much about myself through these ladies.  Thanks. ya’ll!
I want to tell ya’ll about this site, Ron and Joe.  These guys are a HOOT!  Their website deals with stock images, but, they are woodcut style images.  They’re unique.  Here’s an example:

Then, there is the rest of their website.  These guys have a wit about them, a bit of innocent mixed with sarcasm, delivered in a cute manner.  I rather enjoy myself there.  They also have “Letter Parts”, which I though would be cool fonts for our habit, er, hobbie.  This CD image shows some of them:

There are the usual sellables, like mousepads, cards, etc, bearing their unique style of art and humor.  But, then, there’s the “Museum of Joe” which is cool.  Here is an example from that:

These are “custom-created object d’ Joe”.  For those of you with a passion for your pets, these are right up your alley.  And, if you get on their newsletter list, each month there is a free download of some of their art.  Here’s the latest:

At least, go have a look-see.  I guarantee you will crack a smile.   I can’t post unless I have something to offer you, so, here’s just a little something I’ve been tinkering around with.  It’s an overlay of whimsical proportions.  LOL  I’m entertaining an idea for, well, nevermind.  As always, click on the image to go to Mediafire to download. 

 Okay, cats and kittens!  That’s going to be a wrap.  I’ve come down with a cold or the flu or something and feel like crud!  I’ve enjoyed spending this time sharing stuff with ya.  I hope your day is a wonderful day!